Saturday, September 28, 2013

It's 5 o'clock somewhere....Reboot day 3....

And I am awake! On a Saturday, for no apparent reason. And I am out of Candy Crush lives, and all my Facebook Friends are asleep. WTH?!?!?

Not sure why I am awake at this hour. Mornings are not really my thing, especially 5 in the morning!

Since the entire house is still asleep it's a tad too early to start up the treadmill. I think sound of running might sound like a freight train at this hour. And it is too early to go outside, and too dark. Plus it was supposed to freeze last night. AH fall in Colorado!

So I sit with a cup of Chai, FB and Candy Crush. Since all of those have already been exhausted, I will blog!

Yesterday I made more progress towards my reboot. Not perfect, the sweets are killing me. But I did work out. I was running late yesterday so I didn't get to elliptical, but I Zumba'd! On the Wii, and took O'ryan for a walk. Burned 367 calories.
Forgot again to log my food. Hopefully today I can remember to do that.
Hollee gave me an idea that had never crossed my mind! Thanks Hollee! Using protein shakes to aide in my reboot. I like this idea and I think I will give it a try. Beginning Sunday. I have plans later tonight with a friend to go out for dinner.
I actually like protein shakes. So I think I could do a few days of then just to help here. And keep up with the workouts too.
Today was chilly here in Colorado. As a matter of fact there is a freeze warning in effect or there was. I think it expired at 5 am. So as I was bundled on my recliner watching a movie with my nephew tonight, my kitty decided she was cold too. Or maybe she was just hiding. So I leave you with a picture of Frost on this frosty Colorado morning. She was dozing under the blanket with me :)
PS. I think I will get some reading of our blogs in! Since I'm up! ;-)


  1. good job on the reboot. You got this girl :)

  2. I do yoga videos off YouTube when I wake up before everyone ;)

  3. That is actually a great idea I never thought of Kajun! Thanks!

  4. Your cat looks spooky with the Halloween eye effect:)

  5. Hi I'm back after a few weeks away. That pic of you in the full-length mirror on Sept 26 is TheBombDotCom!! You look incredible!! We can do this!!

  6. Woohoo! Can't wait to hear more about how it goes!