Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Mad Monday Weigh in on Hump Day!

Been a busy week! Working to get things in order for surgery today! 

So I am updating from pre-op. I did weigh in Monday. I am at 207.8. No change from last week! :-)
Ok don't have much time. So... Today is surgery to put those lady parts back where they need to go! I'll update as soon as I can afterward! But I will leave you with my krinkle face! In my stylin hospital gown!
Oh and my lovely brought me back the coolest shot glass from her trip to Boston! Check it out!
You know the words right?!?
Red Solo cup, I fill you up, let's have a party!!!

Hugs all!! Have a great day!!

Monday, July 22, 2013

Mad Monday Weigh In!

Happy Monday everyone. Just a quickie today.

Todays weigh in! 207.8! Gain of .4 lbs!! I'll get em next week!! Food and exercise were eh....I worked out Monday Tuesday and was just plain busy the rest of the week. Worked out Saturday and did nothing Sunday. Food choices could have been better. So we will try again this week :)
So my totals are:
67.0 lbs down since 8/22/12!
52.4 lbs down since surgery on 10/15/12!

Not much else then working :) Today was a good work out. Ran 2 miles this morning and came home and did some strength training with my resistance bands. If anyone has any suggestions to strength train with resistance bands it would be appreciated. I don't have weights so HELP! :)

I did reps of 10 three times each of a few exercises I know of with the bands. Also did bycicle crunches, ball rolls (if that's what they are called), leg lifts. And I can feel it in my stomach. Good stuff!

OK I'm off. A bit tired tonight.

Have a great night all!


Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Hump Day Happenings Update! 9 month Bandiversary!! & 7th Fill!!

Happy Hump Day again! LOL This is my Hump Day Happenings Update!

Doctors went well! I have lost 1 lbs since my unfill June 3rd. Not so good there. But I am calling it a win with everything that was going on.

I got my 7th fill today. .3 cc's was added to my 10 cc band bringing my fill level to 7.3 cc's. I am so close to the green zone. It should be any time now! Soft foods today and tomorrow, followed by mushies Friday and Saturday.

9 months in and I feel good! Not much going on today besides working and running around. As promised a few updated pictures!
My clothes are baggy so its hard to see any change. And since I haven't lost much in the last month there really isn't a change. Some toning maybe! :)
The nutritionist wants me to incorporate 20 minutes of strength training into my workout routine twice a week and I need to concentrate on solid protein (as opposed to liquid) in my meals. So that's my next task!
I have updated the Ever Changing Photos page! Check out the comparison!
Have a great evening everyone!

Mad Monday Weigh In (On Wednesday)!! & Hump Day Happenings!

YIKES!! Wednesday already?!?!?
I didn't post Monday but I did weigh in! Here you go! 207.4! Loss of 1.4 lbs!! YAY ME!! Great food and exercise last week and it paid off.
So my totals are:
67.4 lbs down since 8/22/12!
52.8 lbs down since surgery on 10/15/12!

Now to do that again this week! Blue Bell Ice cream has slowed me down the last couple of days but the scale is still dropping :)

OK Hump Day Happenings!! I have been slammed the last few days trying to get things caught up for our business since that is now my primary focus. And I still have SO much to do!!

My dilemma?!?! I am having surgery on July 31st to put some of those lady parts back up because they have fallen and I am apparently going to be down for like 6 - 8 weeks.... Oh baby!! I have some cramming to do! I have to get everything done before then....

SO I have been working 10 - 12 hour days trying to get it all done. I am working from home and the kids are out of school right now so it is not without it distractions. I have come up with a schedule (I have to have one so the kids pretend I'm not here). But they still like to bug me. :-P

My daughter found a place to complete her 24 hours of community service because of her bad choice in May. It's close to home and she can complete some of the work from the house too. We are trying to get everything taken care of before school starts beginning of August. I have to take her there this morning, then come home and work for a couple more hours and then to the doctors.

I have my 9 month follow up today. WOW!!! Has it really been 9 months since I was banded?!?!?! I am going to talk to them about my weight. I think I am stuck! I looked back and I haven't really moved in a month. I don't think they are going to see any loss on their scale. I might get a small fill. I don't think I need much. If I do get a fill it will be my 7th one. I haven't had a fill since mid May. We will see how that goes. I also am speaking to the nutritionist and the psycologist that I have been seeing. After that, back home to work some more!

Since it's my bandiversary I will post pictures later. Even though they haven't really changed in the last 2 months.

OK I have to bail y'all! Time to get back to work. I will try really hard to update tonight!

Remember!! Happy thoughts, positive talk, hard work, and lots of love! We are going to get to where we want to be!

Have a great day!!

Sunday, July 14, 2013

Head on over and say hello!!! Spread the love!! Thanks!

Ok Y'all! I always try to spread the love so here is a shout out or two!! :)

Please head over and say hello to Jen. She is headed down the lapband road. And of course this is the greatest community EVER!!


Saturday, July 13, 2013

Mission Accomplished!!! My First 5K!!

What a blast!! Today was the Color Vibe 5K! It was hot!!! By 9 AM when it all started! The turn out was about 500 people. And we went in the 4th wave of people that was released.
The hubby got some awesome pictures!! We were excited to party it up today, and I was a little unsure about jogging the whole way. But I was determined!! And I had jogged 5K several times before, including this past Tuesday and Thursday.
We started out so clean!! My 2 girls, 1 very close friend of theirs (and my 3rd daughter) and my mom and her man, and myself of course!
We started out strong, the girls ran ahead and my mom and her man walked the course. I put my head phones my ears and rocked out to Toby Keith, Bon Jovi, Brad Paisley, Bruce Springsteen, Bryan Adams, Journey, Survivor, and such!
I stayed on the outside of the course so anyone that wanted to pass me could, and I passed a few people too! It was so hot!! But we kept going!!
I ran slow, but I caught up to the girls before we got to the finish line! They were walking, I passed and said "I'm gonna make it!" and the next thing I knew they were jogging at my pace next to me. "Come on Mom!! You can do it!!" And then we were all holding hands as we cross the finish line!! I teared up. I was touched.... Pretty great kids!
I didn't time myself, But I was somewhere around 40 - 45 minutes. I happy with that, Hell, I'm happy I was able to jog the whole thing. This course was dirt, not the sidewalk or treadmill that I have been running on. But my time was no different then usual. I'm thrilled!!! We all felt great!
And then the party began!! Color, Color, and more Color!!
My lovely and her daughters boyfriend volunteered to work the green color station! She is so much support for me!!

And more color!
It was a great day!!
Followed by a birthday celebration for my lovely's son at Chili's.
We finished the evening with some awesome clouds bringing the awesome storm we received in!
So we are relaxing this evening and tomorrow is a rest day for me. This past week was epic! Good food and great workouts! I feel accomplished!

SO have a fabulous Saturday night friends!! And keep on keepin' on!! Don't give up! There are great things just beyond the horizon, it just might take a bit to get there!


Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Hump Day Happenings! My epic week!!

This week is off to a fabo start! And it's HUMP DAY!!

I am so proud of myself this week!!! I am staying on track with both my food and my exercise!!

So far this week I ran on Monday, 742 calories! BOOM!

Tuesday I burned 265 calories on the elliptical! Oh yeah!!

And today I biked 8 miles and burned 500 calories!! YAY!!

Food has been good. I have been staying away from bread/flour! And I have been pumping the water.

This Saturday is the Color Vibe 5K. I am excited for this! I will be sure to take pictures!

I don't have much else today. I have been working trying to get things for our business in order. So I have been super busy this week!

I do have one picture to share. Terrie, you totally need to try your local paint place! It's a blast.

I painted this for my hubby. He loves lighthouses. I like it!!
I am expecting good things this week!

So I leave you with warm wishes for your hump day eve!! Have a fabulous evening!


Monday, July 8, 2013

Mad Monday Weigh in times 2! Crazy week!! Week in review!

Holy Crap!! Has it really been 10 days?!?!? Crazy!!

My grandfather was in town last weekend so we were pretty much busy visiting with him. He is 87! And going strong!
 Sunday was a painting day. The girls painted something different from the rest of the class. That is becoming the norm. But they do a really good job.
I, on the other hand, painted this! I love it! My quote says, "Don't forget to Dance in the rain."
We decided on steak for dinner with friends after painting!  
Last Mad Monday's weigh in, (7/1/13), more of the same! 208.2. No loss and no gain, This was pleasantly surprising. I was expecting a 2-3 lb gain due to my not so good eating and lack of exercise.

Monday and Tuesday I literally sat around with the girls and did nothing. I slept in, and watched TV. Haven't done that is a REALLY long time. But this was the week where I needed to get my office in order so, the rest of the week consisted of cleaning my office. That basically took 2 days and a lot of hours. No exercise, my eating wasn't great, but it wasn't horrible. But I had to get it done, this week is the week I start working from home and I needed a place to do that. My office has been filled with boxes since we moved in 3 years ago. But I got it done! The girls helped. Now, to get all the work that has been sitting caught up!
How was everyone's 4th? Ours was good. We spent it at the reservoir with my lovely and the kids! We went paddle boating! It was fun. And there was a great breeze at the lake.

We did get a couple of boxes cleared from the basement. The girls had to go through their old Barbies so we could give them to a friends sister. She was so excited to get them! The girls had a blast going through them and trying to dress them. They were destructive to these poor dolls Half of them were missing parts! YIKES!!
Friday was the first time I had worked out since the 29th. Talk about a lazy week. But I got on my treadmill and ran 3.25 miles. I wasn't sure if I was going to be able to since it had been a week but I successfully did it!!
I finally finished the painting I had been working on at home Saturday night! I am really happy with the way this turned out! Next project is a painting for my brother. Not sure what that will be yet. Stay tuned.
This week is brand new. Today marked the start of my working from home. So this morning I got up and ran 3.18 miles outside! It was SO hot!! I didn't get started til 9 and it was already 75 degrees by then. Great calorie burn today! 742 calories!! Off to a great start this week! And today's food has been pretty good too! This coming Saturday is the Color Vibe 5K run. My first one! I'm excited!! NEVER EVER thought I would ever participate in a 5K walking or running. 
Oh, today's Mad Monday Weigh In...208.8. Gain of .6 lbs. I am not devastated by this. I think I am struggling with my first plateau since surgery. My goal this week is to break it! It's been like 5 weeks....
So I continue to hover around 208. Still below 1/2 way so that's a plus. Anxious to get to onederland.
So my totals are:
66.0 lbs down since 8/22/12!
51.4 lbs down since surgery on 10/15/12!
OK Work tomorrow. Gonna catch up on some of your blogs and head to bed. I hope everyone is doing well! Cheers until tomorrow!
Sleep well! Gnight!