Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Hump Day Happenings! My epic week!!

This week is off to a fabo start! And it's HUMP DAY!!

I am so proud of myself this week!!! I am staying on track with both my food and my exercise!!

So far this week I ran on Monday, 742 calories! BOOM!

Tuesday I burned 265 calories on the elliptical! Oh yeah!!

And today I biked 8 miles and burned 500 calories!! YAY!!

Food has been good. I have been staying away from bread/flour! And I have been pumping the water.

This Saturday is the Color Vibe 5K. I am excited for this! I will be sure to take pictures!

I don't have much else today. I have been working trying to get things for our business in order. So I have been super busy this week!

I do have one picture to share. Terrie, you totally need to try your local paint place! It's a blast.

I painted this for my hubby. He loves lighthouses. I like it!!
I am expecting good things this week!

So I leave you with warm wishes for your hump day eve!! Have a fabulous evening!



  1. It feels good to feel good, especially on hump day:)

  2. Hi Chris! Wonderful(!) and super great attitude that is sure to bring even more good results.

  3. Great workouts and way to keep the food on track - thats my biggest challenge

  4. Look at that calorie burn! Woooo!!!!

  5. I love your kick-ass attitude!! You are dong awesome!!