Sunday, October 13, 2013

Last 10 days in pictures! Whew!!!

10/5/13 - On the mend and feeling much better with myself. Started wit my hair, got that fixed! Like it way better!
10/6/13 Homecoming Dress Shopping!!
10/7/13 - 10/9/13 Weighing in! It's OK, I will get past this hump! I am not giving up and getting back on track!
And working out! Lots!
 10/8/13 - 10/11/13 Lots and Lots of Volleyball Games!!

More working out!! Sweaty goodness! Feeling great!

10/9/13Went to the doctors, had a fill and talked to the social worker! Back to 7.3 cc's in my 10 cc band! Feeling so much better!
10/10/13 More volleyball!

10/11/13 Took a little break! Music with a good friend!
10/12/13 Homecoming weekend! Parade & Football game!


And the Homecoming Dance!! The girls looked so great and had a wonderful time!! **tear** they are growing up so fast...

And tomorrow is weigh in day! Good or bad it's gonna be ok!
Lots happening this week too. I have a meeting with my mother this Thursday.  I expect it to be rough and difficult. But I am going to speak my mind and tell it like it is. Regardless of the outcome, I will be ok!
Tomorrow, we Zumba & EA Active. Maybe elliptical there is time. I am going to be ok! 
See you all tomorrow! :)


  1. I feel ya with the busy mom of sports-kids schedule -- great pictures and your girls are beautiful! Hope your conversation with your mom went well!

  2. Yep! You'll be ok all round cos you are gorgeous! The girls look amazing in their homecoming frocks! Little stunners! I wish I looked that good in short shorts : P

  3. What an awesome ten days. Busy much? :)

  4. The girls are gorgeous! Mine are only 6 1/2 and 8, and I already have anxiety about them growing up and being teenagers!
    You do NOT look anything like that number on the scale. Be proud of that. Must be all the exercise!

  5. Love all the photos & updates. I hope things go OK with your mom, and that you have good luck getting/staying back on track.

  6. I love the VB photos! Your hair looks great! love the yellow/gray gym outfit. :D

  7. Great photo post! Love all the VB pics and the homecoming ones. You are rocking your workouts, woo hoo!

  8. Wow, a busy time! Great photo post x