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Monday, January 16, 2017

2 Months Out!

January 14th officially marked 2 months since surgery. I am feeling great, and very motivated for changes to come. At 2 months I was officially down 38.2 lbs. I was hoping for 40 but hey I'll take it!

I have been trying to be creative with food. I've had cauliflower shells, cauliflower toast. I have to say, it works. I have to work on crisping it up less egg and more cheese maybe? Ideas please let me know! But turns out my cute yet tiny pan works fora cauliflower toast, topped with over easy egg and a slice of turkey bacon. Weight? 2.8 oz! Perfect size! And I do ave to say, I love my espresso machine! I love the foam! Torani sugar free syrups make YUMMY Drinks!!

I have been working out. Today's work out consisted of cleaning the basement to make room for the recumbent bike that is currently in a box. Hopefully tomorrow I will get that put together. But the before and afters of the basement are awesome!
Anyway, short and sweet! Keep on keepin on! 

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