Sunday, January 5, 2014

Commiting to starting again!

I am on a roll, this I my 4th blog entry in 5 days!! YAY!! I have so missed blogging and the accountability that comes with it.

So yesterday I was supposed to meet with a personal trainer at Bally's. The trainer called me Friday night to confirm. Well it snowed here in Colorado. It was very wintery! I left the house early so I could make it there on time. I was a little stressed because there was a semi truck that created a back up on the street I needed to take. So I had to reroute to get around it which made me a couple of minutes late for my session.

So when I get to Bally's and tell them I have an appointment with a trainer they tell me "Oh yeah, we have to cancel that. He didn't come in because of the weather." Well that would have been nice to know before I left the house. So I had to reschedule. But I had to reschedule out to the 22nd. Hmmmmmm....Had I known I might have chosen to use the elliptical and treadmill at home instead of driving to the gym.

Oh well, I decided to stay at the gym and workout anyway. This was actually a better choice. I ended up doing more at the gym then I would have done had I just used to home equipment. According to my HRM, I ended up burning about 976 calories yesterday! I did 35 minutes on the elliptical, 30 minutes on the treadmill (I started the C25K program for the second time), swam freestyle 500 yards in the pool, and did the 30 minute strength training circuit. I felt great!!! Good workout!

Today I was going to make it a rest day. I am really sore from yesterday. But my daughter wanted to go to the gym so I went with her. I did a light workout. I did a 32 minute weight loss workout on the elliptical and swam 500 yards in the pool. According to the HRM I burned about 434 calories. Good deal!!

Food has been ok. I am working on getting even better. We had company yesterday, and now the ice cream is finally gone.

We did have deserts yesterday as we entertained. The last Christmas celebration. We are done now! Thank goodness!!

I am lacking in pictures today. But I have few.

As I said earlier, we are having weather. Snow to be exact. And it is definitely cold!!
I think it is supposed to warm up a little as the week progresses.
For dinner today we had stuffed Ham Artichokes. I LOVE artichokes. And they are pretty low cal and healthy.
This is pretty simple really. Breadcrumbs, ham, onion, margarine and artichokes. Nothing major. But one of these bad boys has only about 321 calories and 10 gram of protein. Not too bad!
I think I will be sleeping pretty well tonight. It's not even 10 PM and I am falling asleep a bit as I type. LOL.
At least I am not he only one! The furbabies are sleepy too!
Tomorrow is another work day. I might make it a rest day. I know I am definitely going to be sore. It's not a bad sore though. However, tomorrow is also supposed to be a run day. So I may just go in and run and then do the 30 minute circuit. This morning I could barely lift my arms.
Oh yeah, so for the last 3 days I have gotten headaches a few hours after working out. Friday morning I woke up with the worst headache. Yesterday and today It was at a minimum of a gallon of water every day. Yesterday and today I am over that. Anyone have experience with that?
My brother is coming out this week to help us clean up our rental property. So this week will be busy. And we have basketball games to go to! :)
OK Anyway, I am going to call it a night and go take a shower and go to bed. I am looking forward to a good night sleep.
Thanks for stopping by!


  1. A pool at your gym? That's awesome! I would love that. Where I used to live, my gym had Aquafit straight after circuit! It was great to jump in the pool after smashing a workout. The artichokes look delish by the way!

  2. Hi Chris, yes, I like the artichoke idea a lot. You sound very enthusiastic about your fitness right now--so good!!!

  3. If I drink my water too fast I get a headache .... after working out? may be you need a small carb before you work out as fuel, tiny bit of oatmeal... ohhh look at me all Mrs advise :P

  4. What a great workout! It would have been nice if they would have called you, but what a silver lining!