Thursday, January 16, 2014

Crazy week...

My brother was in town this past week. He came up from Texas to help me get the other house in order. We have been renting our old home out but had to evict our tenants. They left all kinds of stuff and lots of trash.

I don't think I could ever leave a place in the condition these people did. At any rate, my brother came up to help get it in order. He is the handy man type. Thank goodness he did, in a week we got it almost completely finished.

While he was here I didn't get to the gym, or any other kind of workout at all aside from the work at the house. My weight is pretty much the same. Right around 219 -220. That's ok. We had a good visit! It was worth the break. The girls and him played lots of practical jokes on each other. Such fun! Meet Lilith and Ruby!
These two had quite the journey this past week. They visited several parts of the house hoping to scare the poop out of someone. They were found hanging and sitting and starring. FREAKY!
They threw flour and water at each other too.

The only weigh in I have is from 1/7/14. Here it is :) 219 lbs. a loss of .4. LOL A loss is a loss. I'm not concerned.
Lastly, I have been logging my food with Myfitness pal. Look me up! auroradream
Today, I went to the gym mid afternoon. Was great! Worked out about 2 hours burned 810 calories! YAY ME!!
OK I am fading super fast. Time for bed! WOW It's 10:48 and I am going to bed! That's a miracle! ANYWHO!!
Have a great night and sleep well! More tomorrow :)
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  1. so glad your brother was able to help you.. WE had a tenant move out and leave the water on. BY time I got out there to check on the place that evening, 2/3 of the house was under water... some people have NO RESPECT.

  2. The dollheads are simultaneously creeping me out and cracking me up!

  3. Beautiful and informative. I like it. Thank you.