Sunday, January 19, 2014


What a game!
Been a busy few days. I have been working out. Today was my first rest day since I started working out again this past Thursday. YAY Me! It feels good being active again. Friday I went to the gym and burned somewhere in the neighborhood of 500 calories and yesterday a friend and I went to the gym and I burned somewhere around 850 calories. I have to start bringing my phone with me so I can take pictures. I usually have my ipod and it doesn't take pictures :-{ I do have this one from Saturday. We did elliptical for 32 minutes, C25K Day 2 (30 min), and did the 30  minute workout at Bally's. 
SO my Fitbit accidentally got washed a few weeks ago. I was so sad. So I emailed Fitbit support. I do have to say they have great customer service. They replaced it for me at no charge! Even better. And they sent me a pretty burgundy color one :) Which I actually like better then the black one that got washed. I had over 14,000 steps Saturday!
When my brother was here he made tortellini soup! It is so spicy! But so good.
I made Cappelletti's. He'd hadn't had them in a decades. It as fun cooking with him.

One thing I absolutely love that I have been trying to perfect is Sticky rice with fruit of some kind. I think I may finally have it. This makes a nice snack or dessert occasionally. And it is only 195 calories with 4 grams of protein. This one has mango.
OK Time for bed. I am already tired!
I hope everyone is had a great weekend!


  1. are voting for the wrong team! ;)


    Whoop whoop! :)

  3. You know, I'm a huge Colts fan and I have always loved Peyton. I shall be firmly behind him during the Super Bowl!

  4. I am so clueless that I didn't even know there was a big game until my husband went out for a run and came back telling me that everyone in the outside world was wearing orange. Haha!

    Good for you for getting your exercise mojo back!

  5. yay broncos :D and the sticky rice looks way yum, but I'm three days off sugar right now and I salivate at anything that even looks sweet :D