Saturday, March 7, 2015

I know I know.....

It's been almost a darn week since my last post...YIKES!!
OK So here is a quick update since Monday....

Tuesday night I had an easy, EXTREMELY light workout with my trainer. He concentrated a lot on my tendinitis, carpal tunnel, and sciatica because they were all killing me!

Wednesday was a day off. Well a working out day off....Thursday morning 862 calories gone!! Was a C25K day followed by 30 minutes of kickboxing!

I did get a couple of awesome gadgets! In my never ending search for a heart rate monitor that does NOT have a chest strap (I hate these uncomfortably forever squeezing me things!). It takes me forever to make decisions to spend money so I thought about this for like, 4 days! But, I decided to purchase the Mio Alpha 2! Has fantastic reviews! I have only used it twice but so far I love it!
Anyone that knows me knows I am a total gadget geek! I have been wanting a Fitbit Aria for about 3 years. But, I had to get over that "scales are bad" mentality. (With the cost of this thing throwing it was not an option!) I do really love my Fitbit tho! So I did it! I purchased the Aria! I have stepped on it 5 times this week because I weight myself way too much, but it's cool! It is wireless and has Blue tooth (I think) and syncs with the Fitbit website and myfitnesspal (which I have been using religiously to track my food (accountability, this is a big thing for me, tracking that is)). I got black! And no that is not what I weigh LOL.
I have one more gadget I want to get and that is the Garmin swim. I want something that counts my laps cause I love to swim!
Ok that's all I got for now. Did I ever tell you all that I got a new furever friend last year? I am going to guess no, Meet Atlas! He's a husky! Love my furbabies!
And with that! I am off my friends! Have to run a few errands then come back and work out, and maybe go to dinner with the hubby, and then go see my daughter play her clarinet in pit orchestra for a school play!
I will post again soon! Until then...Carry on, keep plugging away, smile, and burn calories!


  1. Oh Atlas is so cute, great job on the exercise front. Have a great weekend :)

  2. I keep thinking I want an Aria but I haven't gone down that road yet. Will be interested if you really continue to like it. Does it do anything in particular that you like? I mean, I know it doesn't drain the pounds for you while you stand on it, which would be super cool, by the way....but you know what I mean. :)