Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Just a quickie...

Hey Y'all! It's been kind of a crazy week. Running the kids around and work is non stop this week.

Lets see, last post was Saturday... Since then I have....

Worked out on Sunday for roughly 45 minutes.....

Daylight savings time is killing me this week. I must admit....I have not worked out since......Sunday!

It's been 3 days.....Mad Monday weigh in showed a 2.5 lb gain...sitting at 247.9....The results of my non discipline!

2.1lbs down since 2/16/15!
26.9 lbs. down since 8/22/12 (When it all began!)
12.5 lbs. down since 10/15/12! (Lap Band Surgery)

S'ok, this too shall pass.

I don't expect this week to be spectacular either....Guess we will find out on Monday...

I must work out tomorrow! I Must Work Out Tomorrow! I mUsT wOrK oUt ToMoRrOw!!!

What do I need to do tomorrow?!?!? WORK OUT!!

OK I am call it a Wednesday! Happy Hump Day y'all!
Tomorrow is a new day!

Gnight! Sweet Dreams! :)


  1. Chris if I may give you two suggestions: You should work out today (it's Thursday) and you should work out today:)

    I know it's hard to get back on the health horse after a few days off but think about what you really need not what you want. Have a great work out day!

  2. I think you are doing awesome, a few days out of the gym is all right here and there. Hope you go to the gym today :)