Monday, March 2, 2015

Mad Monday......

OK Here we go!! Back to Mad Monday Weigh In's!!
Today's weigh in......Wait for it.....So gotta get those toes done!
Super excited!! 2 weeks in a row with good losses!
4.6lbs down since 2/16/15!
29.6 lbs. down since 8/22/12 (When it all began!)
15 lbs. down since 10/15/12! (Lap Band Surgery)
Looking at these totals is kind of sad, back in July 2013 I was 65lbs down.
So we are working back down that direction!
I have decided the quinoa pudding was not so good after it sat a day. So I will keep experimenting with that.
Sweaty photo for y'all today....Can  you say EWWWW!! LOL
Feels good!
Let's see, last post was 2/26/15, Thursday.
Took Friday off from working out, swapped it for Saturday instead. Saturday my friend I and spent a good hour working out, jogged, elliptical, swam a little, ahhhh and hot tub of course!
Sunday, another good day for a 1 hour workout! Today worked out at home. Still sticking with week 1 of the C25K program. I'm going to keep repeating week 1 until I build my endurance back up. I've been doing the C25K program for 2 weeks so far and I am still huffing and puffing pretty good. So, I will keep at it like before. Last time it took me 4 -5 months to complete the program, started it about this same time of year. Just keep moving!
In case anyone is interested, I came across this cauliflower usage thing....I have made the cauliflower pizza crust and it is awesome! I think I am going to attempt the loaded cauliflower soup this weekend! Love loaded baked potato. Always looking for healthy options. Check it out if you're interested :) 19 cauliflower dishes that will have you ditching the carbs!
I always love food suggestions! So let me have em'!
Tell me! What have you been up to this week?
Sweet dreams!


  1. Sorry Chris I couldn't read what was the number on the scale, the toes were too much of a distraction ha ha ha

    You sound like you have been busy in the gym, great for you, you are winning. Love the picture of the cauliflower!

  2. Love me some cauliflower. I'm also a fan of the pizza crust!

  3. Yay for the scale going down. My numbers are also not to my liking. After almost a year unfilled and now finally near the green zone I am only 21 pounds lighter than my surgery date (Nov. 1. 2012) but I finally got back to the gym and lost 4.6 pounds this week.