Sunday, August 16, 2015

Day 43....check!

Believe it or not, I have no workout pictures to post over the last 4 days! I must be slacking! But!! Today was day 43 in a row of moving!

Let's see....last post was this past Wednesday. What have I been doing?

Thursday was awesome! I went to the gym and swam 1500 yards (60 laps) in the pool. Took me 37 minutes, and I felt great afterward! Friday I repeated week 3 of the C25K program. Saturday was a light day. I walked 2 miles at a fairly brisk pace and today (day 43) was personal trainer day.

This is totally me when I run. Totally a low runner! But I'm moving! And that's a fabulous thing! And the bonus is I feel awesome!
Weight is good. My official weigh in day is Wednesday. as of yesterday I was down 12 lbs. We will see what Wednesday brings.
I really like the Fitbit app for recording my workouts. I had almost 6 hours of work outs last week and over 8 hours the week before. 

My Mio works great for calorie burn counting. I love the heart rate monitor feature and the fact there is no strap! Last week I burned 3898 calories with my workouts!
I have never been big on sushi, but I have been trying new things. I sushi is pretty healthy in moderation. I love California rolls. Although I recently found out they use imitation crab... :(. But I like salmon rolls too. I am not a big fish eater. But this is working for me. And 3 - 4 pieces of sushi fills me up for like 5 - 6 hours!
Friday night I went and saw Shania Twain with a friend of mine. She puts on a great show and she totally has still got it! And with all the dancing I had over 14,000 steps!!

Tomorrow is a run day. Day 44!

I hope everyone is great out there! Keep moving and keep up the good work!


  1. Hee! Love the turtle running image. :)

  2. 43 days is simply amazing! I am in awe of your superwoman-ness. Sushi is the bomb right?