Saturday, June 15, 2013

Happy Saturday to you!!

Well hello there! How are you!?!?!

I am well! Thanks for asking! Missed blogging Thursday and Friday kind of slipped away :) Not sure why, they were both lazy days. After my run Wednesday my hip was sore. Weird. Muscles I've never felt before. But this one made it had to go up the stairs. So I opted to rest it Thursday and Friday. I did do some cleaning Thursday, and Friday we sat around all day and were couch potatoes. I still have lots more cleaning to do :-)

Thursday night I went painting again with my friend. We just so love it! Here is mine! I so would love to be sitting in that chair!
Sad news, Poor Colorado is on fire again.....2nd year in a row where so many have lost their homes. We are about an hour northeast of where the Black Forest fire is but we can see it and smell it in the air. Poor people....So sad...
Friday I hung out with my goofy girls and we watched reruns of our favorite shows. I will really have to clean next week so I can stay on schedule. We have family coming to town for my eldest birthday. The big 16! She's the one that looks possessed.
Today I decided to hop on the elliptical and go for a bike ride. 20 minutes on the elliptical and a 5.5 mile bike ride! 463 calories goodbye! And yes my hip is feeling better and looser today. Thank goodness.
So it's Father's Day weekend. There has been so much going on I almost forgot. My grandfather is also here so today we are going to the Rockies game! Should be a ton of fun!! We are sitting in foul ball territory. Better make sure I pay attention :-)
Happy Father's day to all of the fabulous Dad's out there!!
OK Everyone, time to go take a shower and get moving. I have to be somewhere in an hour.
So Keep on Keepin' on! And I will talk to you very soon!!  ~HUGS~


  1. I should so be sitting in that chair. With an ice bucket full of cold ones;) Have an awesome weekend!

  2. Excellent on the calories burnt!! Your painting is beautiful. I can't imagine being that talented. Your sassy girls look so cute.

  3. Cleaning can wait- spending time with your family is important. Enjoy!

  4. Love the painting..hope you had a fabulous weekend!