Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Hump Day Happenings...

Well I have been a busy little bee for the last 2 days! Yesterday the cable guy came out and did some service on our TV system. That was good for a 1/2 a day. I decided yesterday was going to be a bike day, so after the cable guy left I went for a ride. I went about 4 miles before the rain and the tornado warnings made me come home. We got a good soaking though. I hope they got some of it down in the Springs to help with the fire. Colorado is on fire again this sad....But the rain is good!
OK By request here are pictures of the dress I bought for my daughters birthday party. I like it!! I got these spanx that have straps. I like them! There is this like flowy thing that goes down the left front of the dress that you can't see in these pictures. I'm looking for different shoes. The ones in this picture are too big.
We did nails last night too. My youngest wanted purple tips for my daughters party, and my oldest wanted French acrylics. So that's what we did! Purple gel French manicure style for one! 
And French tips for the other! 
That brings us to today. This morning was a run day. It was hot! But I was able to run my 3.1 miles today!! YAY!! I was a red faced sweaty mess!
So after my run I decided to go cool off in the pool and do some laps! It was a beautiful day! I did 1000 yards! Or 40 laps. Good for .57 miles :-)  
Today's total calorie burn was somewhere around 750 according to my HRM.
The remainder of the day we cleaned. My house is just about done. Just one more room to do and then I will be all set!
Food today was not too bad. I'm at 1556 calories for the day, It is a little high by about 300 calories. I will try harder tomorrow. I need to drink more water too!
Tomorrow I get to go help out at the paint place with kids camp! I'm excited. It should bee a lot of fun! We are also taking my 16 year old out to dinner because tomorrow is her actual birthday!
Sleep well friends! HUGS!


  1. Wow, a lot of work has been done by you!! Happy sweet sixteen to your daughter (and you :)!!!

  2. I'm taking two granddaughters swimming today:)

  3. I love that dress!!! I also love the purple tips. I wish I wasn't such a klutz when it came to nail polish. :)

  4. You look absolutely gorgeous in that dress. All the hard work, exercise and running around you do is paying off! :)

  5. I love the dress, you look great.

  6. You are rocking the exercise! That dress is so flattering! I want one!

  7. Will you do my nails. They both look really good, not quite as good as you in that dress. Keep working out. You will get there before you know it.

  8. When I looked really hard, I could see the draped material in the front. You look pretty!

    :-) Marion

  9. Thanks everyone! We had so much fun at the party!