Saturday, June 29, 2013

Hello Beautiful People!!

Can you say Slacker!!!???!!! It has been a busy week. I feel like this week has just flown by and I can't believe the last time I blogged was Tuesday!! YIKES!!!

The good news.... I have been working out pretty good I think. Wednesday I walked/ran 3.15 miles. I woke up late and it was super hot by the time I got out there and I just couldn't run. Thursday I decided I needed to change it up a bit instead of doing the same normal stuff I have been doing, so I decided to work out on the elliptical and do some Zumba on the Wii. I've been cooking between 400 & 600 calories a day.
Friday I did some Wii Fit Plus and EA Active, and stair step. Today was a rest day mainly because we went to the drive in last night and got home super, super late (or early this morning) and had to be somewhere by 1 today. Not sure what tomorrow will be yet.

Last night we went to the drive in. It was fun! We saw Man of Steel, World War Z, & Star Trek Into the Darkness. I think out of all 3 I liked Star Trek the best.
We had quite the light show too! It started storming. This is actually  how bright the lightening lit the sky. It was dark like 11 PM dark when this happened!
OK Now the bad news, My eating has SUCKED!! I have totally been sabotaging myself so all my working out isn't doing any good. BLAH!! I have had so much candy and cake and what ever else this week. June has been a bad month. I have not seen the scale move since the end of May. And after this last week I think the first movement I have seen is in the wrong direction. As a matter of fact I am not expecting good results on Monday for weigh in. I expect a 2 -3 lb gain. :( Yes I have been bad!! Need to get back on track and I intend to start tomorrow! Not going to quit, I will keep on keepin' on!
Since I have been out of work I have been having a hard time getting a new routine down. I have been working out in the mornings rather than the afternoons or evenings, and I don't swim regularly like I was doing since the pool is not close to my house. We do have an outdoor community pool in my development I can use weather permitting. And I have not been drinking all of my water either. My schedule is totally messed up right now. I need to use this next week to try and get it all figured out. Now that the running around and events are over I am hoping to regroup. Any suggestions? Always appreciated!
OK Enough for tonight! I need to get to reading your blogs!!
Cheers and Happy Saturday night!


  1. A drive-in!?! I would love to have a drive-in experience again. It's been at least two decades since I've been to a drive in and the nearest operating drive-in theatre I'm aware of is in neighboring Idaho and at least a 5 hour drive away. Jealous...totally jealous:)

    1. I love the drive in Marc! I have learned there are about 368 left in the US. It is ashame there are not more...

  2. I have fond memories of going to the drive in as a kid. Still, I can't imagine sitting through THREE movies in one ngiht! You have some die hard kids.

    Glad you've had some good weather. Here it's been raining every single night.

  3. 3 movies, one night--- wow, that's like a super power in my eyes. I haven't seen a current movie in years. We do have a drive in but even with the AC on it is too hot to sit in a car for that long.
    You will get back on track- I know you can- you are worth it!

  4. Drive-ins are so neat! You will get back on track with the food. Any time I have changes in my life, I find I get off-kilter a bit and it takes a few weeks or so to get back. The only thing that worked for me was making the healthy foods ahead of time so I had them to go to.

  5. Hoping you can get that routine down... change is so hard!