Monday, February 23, 2015

And so we begin again.....

And so we begin again. One of the great things about life is that we can start some things over. Weight loss is one of them. So I begin again. But first, I've been thinking about some positives to help keep me going!

1) I started this journey back in April 2012, almost a full 3 years ago. At the time I weighed 275.

2) I made it all the way down to 208 in August 2013. That was 67 lbs. from where I started so I know I can do this again.

3) I haven't gained all of the weight back!

4) And probably the most important point, I haven't given up! I am still fighting, granted I fought lazily over the last 1 1/2 years, but I was still thinking, and working towards a goal. I had just forgotten what that goal was.

I know I haven't weighed in, but I have been weighing in, if that makes any sense at all. I started blogging again on Monday February 9, 2015. That Monday morning I weighed in at 250.2 I believe it was. I don't remember the exact number so I am just calling it 250.

On Monday of last week my weigh in was unchanged, rightfully so. I had done absolutely nothing to create change. And I acted and ate like it was the end of the world. OK. the past is the past. Time to start leaving it there.

Progress since last Tuesday? Every Tuesday I work out with a trainer. He comes to my home and really helps me get my sweat on. Most times I feel like he's gonna kill me, but I feel fantastic when I am done. So Tuesday the 17th was no different. I worked by butt off! We'll I am hoping that is where it comes off first! :) Eating wasn't horrible, and I was working on my water intake.

Wednesday I worked till like 10, Thursday I was inundated with homework (back in college, have I mentioned that?), Friday I was just lazy, and Saturday I was too. Lots of excuses! Sunday however, I met my friend at the gym. We worked out for about an hour, was a good day! Eating was spot on! YAY!! I have  fabulous friend. When we do things together we are great! Good or bad! She's amazing! So we can up with a plan! Sunday's we are meeting at the gym around 10 am, Monday morning I will work out at home, Tuesday night I will work out with my trainer, Wednesday and Friday afternoon around 5 I will meet my friend at the gym. Thursday's and Saturday are going to be my rest days or light days.

So I begin again with the pictures, because I know you all want to see my workout progress and my toes badly in need of a pedicure. Of course I will incorporate progress pictures and sweaty shots too.

I did work out this morning, I completed day 3 of Week 1 C25K
followed by kickboxing and dancing for 20 minutes. I feel accomplished! And I feel great too!

My implemented improvements this past week have paid off too! My weigh in?
And we begin my totals again:
2.6lbs down since 2/16/15!
27.6 lbs. down since 8/22/12 (When it all began!)
13 lbs. down since 10/15/12! (Lap Band Surgery)
I am currently struggling with this: Although, I am really not bored (I don't think anyway)...
And I really need to work on this!
So to solve this small problem I am having right now I am going to bed! Sweet dreams fellow bloggers and friends!


  1. Hi Chris, I'm a new followers, I think it will be interesting to follow you as I also started this losing battle lately. Let's say I'll think of this as being in a race with you; There will be no winners only losers :)

    A good plan is your best tool, just remember someday for some reason, the plan will get derail, it will not mean that you are off your track!

    Looking forward to the finish line with you :)

  2. Hungry vs. bored = most of my battle. :) You got this! Just take one step at a time.