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Sunday, November 27, 2016

2 weeks post op!


 2 weeks post op at this point and I feel great! For some reason I have only lost about 2lbs since the 20th but that could be contributed to the super low amount of calories I am consuming....I am going to ride it out and see how it goes! I see the Doctor on Wednesday and I am hoping to hit the 10lb mark.

Anyway, how was everyone's thanksgiving? I made a lot of food for the 7 people that were here and I had Cottage cheese but it was really nice to have the kids home and everyone under one roof!
 This one is a low free sugar free pumpkin cheese cake. I havent tried it yet, but the batter was pretty good!

Went out to celebrate a friends birthday! (Being the sober one among a bunch of drunk people is awesome!! It is am awesome thing to watch!) and hung out with the pups!!

Followed by decorating, and awesome star shower lights! I've got some on the outside of the house too!
That's all for today! I hope everyone is having a fabulous weekend!

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