Monday, December 17, 2012

Another Mad Monday Weight In!

This seems so unreal to me. I know this will slow down and when it does I hope I'm not totally bummed out.

The results are in.....(Drum roll please....) 237.2!!! Lose of 3.4 lbs since last Monday!

I even took a picture to prove it :-)

So here are my totals:
37.6 lbs down since 8/22/12!
23.0 lbs down since surgery on 10/15/12!

It must seem odd that I am tracking 2 dates above, but let me explain why. Both of these dates were life changing for me.

 I was forced to quit smoking back in April in order to have surgery. I don't know if it was a requirement of my insurance or a requiremet of my doctor but I think it was a doctor's requirement. I quit smoking on Friday, April 13th 2012. Last Thursday was my 8 month quit anniversary. Well, when I quit smoking I weighed 257.6. I knew quitting was going to make me gain weight but I really let myself go and gained 17.2 lbs, now 274.8, by August 22nd 2012. My highest weight EVER!! This was a depressing but eye opening reality. There was one person on this planet that could make a change and it was me and only me. So I could continue down the destructive path I was on and keep making excuses or I could take this tool I was having surgery to install and actually run with it. So on 8/22/12 I signed up at Swim Labs and committed to swimming 30 minutes a day Monday - Friday. I have to make appointments to get in and I hate breaking appointments so this was going to keep me accountable.

So, this is why I track both of these dates. They are important milestones for me.

Honestly, I don't know if I picked the worst time in life to do all this or the best. Life has been more than challenging over the last 18 months than I can remember and it seems like bad things just keep happening and adding more stress.

But, I am determined to overcome! And I will do it by reading your blogs and finding strength and inspiration in them.

Thank you for helping me succeed along the way. Your journeys and honesty help us so very much! It truely does help to know there are people out there struggling with similar issues.

Have a great week!


  1. OMG you are blazing a trail girl, for sure! Look at that weight loss!! Way to go!!
    I am so proud of you and happy to have met you through your blog.

    1. Thanks for the awesome encouragment! This is (dare I say it) FUN!! Yes following you and blogging about all this. I love meeting (even though it's online) new people!!