Friday, December 28, 2012

Holiday Sweets....

ARGHHH..... There are so many sweets around the house. And it is not even the sweets that I made last week. These are the new pies and cookies that my mom sent back with us for the kids and the hubby.

Yes I have been picking at these for the last few days. I don't think there has been a weight gain this week but I am definitely not expecting a loss at my Monday weigh in. How do I get it to stop!?! I feel like all my will power has gone straight out the window! And I was doing so well....

I was even thinking that maybe I was in the "green zone" with my fills but I feel like I am getting hungrier and could eat more. Is this normal? A few weeks after my fills I seem to feel hungry. I defiantly don't feel like I have the restriction I did right after I was filled.

I think I might be freaking about my calorie intake too. Maybe I am becoming obsessed? I seem to be eating between 1100 - 1500 calories a day. And the major reason for the increase has been sweets. I know I need to stop. UGH. The holiday season is horrid.

I seem to do pretty well during the day, its the nights that get me.

OK So tomorrow I will get up and go swimming. I need to keep telling myself to stay away from the sweets. I really need to get back on track.

Have a great night!


  1. I am having this problem as well, except I am not that hungry. Its just the candy is right in front of me and honestly I dont always notice I am picking at it. I am expecting some gain next weigh in but thankfully after that no more holidays for months

    1. I am having that issue too. I've done pretty well today though. I am really trying to stay away from the candy and pies.