Thursday, December 27, 2012

Now that the food comas have past....

Thankfully I did pretty well over Christmas. I was concerned because I felt like I ate WAY too much but when I weighed myself Wednesday morning I weighted the same as I did at my Monday weigh in. I often feel like i eat way too much.

I feel like I am still having a hard time identifying when I feel full. I have read many people have soft signals but I haven't been able to identify any....I don't think...Tonight I stopped eating when It felt like there was too much going down my throat. I was afraid I would have a "stuck" episode. This is probably a bad thing right?

So tonight after dinner I felt really full. It took about 30 minutes for that feeling to go away. I wasn't miserable or uncomfortable, but I don't understand why I even got to that point.

Any suggestions?

Thanks for all your help!


  1. the fullness - thats such a tough one. I used to know when I was full by the sick distended gross feeling that I had... of course, that is not possible.

    Now that I'm all healed, I'm finding it tougher to know what is the "getting" full signs from normal eating feelings. Its a work in progress. I find I do better when I'm paying attenetion, but that has been slipping as I get busy - eat at my desk and while moving around.

    I have to get back to thinking about what is going in and how I'm processing it. :)

    1. I agree with the distended feeling. And even now I somtimes feel like that, and I know I am not eating nearly what I use to. I think alot of it is mental with me...l