Sunday, December 23, 2012

Holiday Traditions....

Growing up with an Italian family there were lots of holiday traditions. I remember the 20 foot table that was always set up for our family dinner. There had to have been 40 people celebrating the holidays together. There was always a seperate table for us kids and one of the tables was filled with food and desserts. Everything was made from scratch!

I like traditions. We have always made some kind of homemade pasta and every Christmas we would always start with Cappellettis. This year is no different. So In honor of the season the girls and I made pasta!


And hopefully these traditions will carry on with my kids. Quality time with my babies & good homemade pasta!! Tomorrow we will make some more cookies And enjoy Chicken Parmesan for Christmas Eve Dinner.
What family traditions are important to you?
Enjoy your family!

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  1. aww! wonderful traditions! Have a great christmas with the family!