Sunday, December 2, 2012

This weekend was.....

Interesting. This post might be a little "all over the place". Fair warning! :)

After finding out last Monday that I am getting laid off in March and feeling kind of lost all week I feel like the weekend was kind of productive.

Saturday I did not do much. We ran a few errands and I did not work out. For some reason I feel this need for a day of rest. But then I always end up over eating. My hubby and I went out to dinner to discuss the furture. I finished the day below 1200 calories but I felt quilty for eating so much. My typical day is between 700 and 900 calories. I am not sure what I am supposed to be taking in, when I had my initial appointment back in April they told me I should be eating between 1250 & 1450. This seems like a lot. So I will stick with the 700 - 900 for now. I am getting in a lot of protien and my weight is going down so why fix it if it isn't broken.

Anyway, besides my over eating,  we did come up with a plan for when I am laid off and I feel better now. This made Sunday seem a bit less stressful. I am going to work on getting a few things in order over the next few months, but mainly I am working to get through the holidays right now. I have never been excited for the holidays.

Sunday we went for a 2 mile walk. According to my HRM I burned 340 calories and I consumed a total of 824 calories. For the most part I made good food choices. Had a bit of a sweet tooth today though. Kind of ruined that with the tablespoon of Nestle's Chocolate Chip cookie dough I had tonight.

I purchased a waterproof thingy to hold an ipod shuffle so I can swim and listen to music so I think this will help me to pick up the pace in the pool. Walking this morning got me going when some Bruce Springsteen came through my ear phones! I was cookin'!! Even my husband had trouble keeping up! (I use to have issues keeping up with him 8 months ago.)

Tomorrow is weigh in day. I am kind of excited to see where the scale is at. I know it went in the right direction since I weigh myself a gazillion times a day, but tomorrow will be the true 7 day number.

Have a fabulous evening!


  1. wow, way for the employer to wish you a merry christmas.

    Let me know how the waterproof thing works for the shuffle. I have always wanted to try one but have been scared it would work and would ruin my shuffle.

  2. I got it today and loaded it up with some fast paced music. I will be trying it out tomorrow night! I will let you know. I tested the device like it said to in the instructions and submerged it for 30 minutes and it was bone dry inside. It has great reviews. So we will see (I bought insurance for it just in case).

  3. I would not worry to much about going up to 1200 cals. It's good to give yourself a day every now and then to eat what you want (to a point). You dont want to discourage yourself just because you had that bite of cookie dough.