Monday, May 20, 2013

Mad Monday Weigh in....Back to the basics...

Back to the basics! I am doing SO bad!!! I don't know what my problem is but I really need to figure it out FAST!!
Today's weigh in.....212.8! Gain of 2 lbs. NOT GOOD!! All I know, is thank goodness it wasn't more.
So my totals are:
62.0 lbs down since 8/22/12!
47.4 lbs down since surgery on 10/15/12!

How did this happen?!?! I totally know how, yep, it's called eating out, Cheesecake, Chocolate cake, Carrot Cake, baby bundt cakes, oh and 2 trips to DQ!! And that's not even counting the 2 or maybe 3 frappuccino's I had this past week! Was it good?!?! ABSOLUTELY!!! Was it worth it?!?! NO not really!

Have I been holding myself accountable?!?! Eh, maybe, I know what I have done, there is no one to blame and I am not going to use everything going on around me as an excuse. Why? Because I thought about my weight every time I put something in my mouth and I could have chosen not to eat it!

Am I beating myself up after the fact?!?! Of Course! Do I need to move on?!?! YEP!! Let it go Chris!

What have I not been doing?!?! Logging religiously, making sure not to drink 30 minutes before/after or during, blogging. Reasons?!?! Self-punishment for life's happenings? TOTALLY! Depressed? yep! Lazy? Maybe! Lack of GAD (Give-A-Damn)? Basically!

Don't you just love how I can remember every wrong thing I did?!?!

So now what?!?! Let me look at what I did do right.....
Tuesday - Jogged 3.25 miles on the treadmill, Swim (600 Calories)
Wednesday - Swim, 4.37 mile bike ride (350 calories)
Thursday - Swim (100 Calories), Painted with a friend I hadn't seen in forever!
We had fun! We drank wine and painted wine glasses. Well we didn't paint actual glasses. Here is my painting.
Friday - Swim (100 Calories)
Saturday - Biked 6.21 miles, Jogged 3.2 miles outside in the beautiful weather (800 Calories) (I took pictures because I was amazed!)
Sunday - Biked 8.17 miles (360 calories)

What's planned for today? I had lunch about an hour ago, so I am heading into the gym around 2 - 2:30 today, I am going to use the treadmill for about 30 minutes and use the elliptical for about 30 minutes. Then I swim tonight at 5.

I went back and recreated my food log from Thursday though the weekend. Thursday, Friday & Saturday are looking pretty scary. So was my water intake!

Yesterday wasn't horrible and today I am off to a good start. I am working on staying away from sugar and bread of all kinds. It's evil! I am convinced!! This will be darn hard!

Today I had a 1/2 of a Baja Turkey Club left over from Red Robin last week. I threw the bread, the bacon, and the cheese away and just ate the turkey and a couple of green chilis with some egg salad I brought today. And I have had 72 oz of water so far. I will post today's totals later tonight. I am going to start posting my food log.

I did buy a bike. Friday night. I had to go on the cheap side. Things are a tad tight right now. So I did go to Walmart and I got a mountain bike. I replaced the seat right away and of course I got a helmet too. My daughter's bike was a tad small, but it was dual suspension and I like that. So I wanted a dual suspension bike. I talked to a few biker friends at work and found a bike that put my leg in the right position and it doesn't hurt my knees when I ride. The reviews online are so-so for this bike but so far I like it. It's a Huffy Rock Creek bike. I think it will be a good starter bike for me.
Yesterday the girls and I went painting because they were doing a fundraiser for the Children's Hospital. It was a dream catcher night. Was so much fun! Wanna see our paintings?!?!? Here's mine, and K's & J's! I drank water! No wine!
The weather has been so nice! Last night was a bit breezy! I was cold, I think my puppy knew it. He laid with me to keep my tootsies warm.
OK I'm sad, my shows are all over now. I have to wait until late September early October before they come on again. Obsessive much?!?! My hubby found an old jacket he had from years ago that has been in a box in the basement. It looks like one of the ones that Dean wears on Supernatural! YAY! I have a Dean Jacket!!
OK All, Have a great afternoon! Thanks for listening to me rant!


  1. You can pull yourself out of your sugar rush! and cool jacket..pretty pictures...YOU GOT THIS!

  2. Hi Chris! Well, you know what caused it. So when you see a restaurant, go the opposite direction! Honestly, you're doing great with your total weight loss.

    Remember to add all of your weekly calories together and divide by 7 to find your average daily calories. Yes, you have to add in *all* the indulgences into the average calories because they do not magically disappear just because you feel regret.

    A tad bit of chewing yourself out over bad eating is good, but never get down on yourself.

    :-) Marion

  3. I AM SO BUMMED about all the shows being over. UGH.

    Also...Marion is right on with the average calories. But oh that cake(s) sound delicious....I know that feeling!

  4. Let it go and move on, great advice you've got for yourself! Now go get it done ;-)

  5. Balls! I hate when I have a gain! Even when I know what I have done. You are right to own it and then move on! :)