Thursday, May 2, 2013

Crazy day!

Today was the regional Varsity tennis tournament at my kids school. Naturally both of my girls are on this team and naturally they both are on the varsity team. They can't do anything alone. Competitive much!?!?! It is a fairly new school so the team is very young and made up of only Freshmen and Sophomores. The tournament was actually supposed to start yesterday, but it was snowing and apparently that makes playing tennis difficult :) (Kidding)

Anyway, I also scheduled J (my youngest) to get her braces off this morning. So we had to hurry and do that to hurry and get her to regionals so she didn't miss much (We got there on time!) Then off to work, then swim at 3, then go get J and take her to get her retainer, then run her back to regionals. It's ok. Everything went fine and everyone got what they need to get done, done.

The girls did ok. J won her first set and lost her second set. That eliminated her and her partner. K won their first set and lost the second too, so they were eliminated too. But for beginners I think they did pretty well. I didn't actually get to see them play but I have seen them play and they do pretty well.

We followed that up with dinner at McAllisters. I opted for the Southwest Cobb salad and a loaded potato. I mainly just wanted to try the potato. So the girls picked at it with me and I ended up bring most of it home. I ate about half of the salad. It was good!! We did get desert! Those were good too. I'm so glad we all shared!

Today's exercise was only swimming. I ran out of time or much else with all of the running around. Tomorrow is a run day. Oh yeah, so yesterday was a run day too! I am still working up to the 5K. Monday when I ran I was able to run 2.3 miles outside. Yesterday when I ran I made it to 2.6 miles at about 3.6 MPH! I could have kept going but I had to get to a meeting.

So tomorrow I will try again. I am bringing my tablet with me so I can possibly watch one of my favorite shows on it! :)

I've been on my scale and I am happy with what I am seeing. Hopefully it will hold til Monday. One of the things I have been doing is not eating after 8 and trying to go to bed before 11. I think both of these really help in the weight loss arena. It seems to be working!! YAY!!

OK enough ramblings for tonight. My eyes are getting heavy, I hope everyone has a HAPPY FRIDAY!!! Sweet Dreams!



  1. seems that you and I are on the same wave length with our weight loss, I also saw a good number on the scale and hope that it keeps till tuesday.
    I hope yours sticks too.

  2. I really believe stopping the nighttime munchies is important..I also try to get my sleep in and not nibble all night!

  3. You are just running all over the place! :) I know in coming years that will be me too.

    Afternoon and evening are my munchie times. If I can get through them, I'm home free!

  4. I've been trying to stop drinking water and other fluids by 7 p.m. lately because it helps me sleep better if I don't have to get up twice every night. Getting enough sleep is so important for weight loss! Your new evening rules sound like great ones to me. Supposedly we sleep better if we consistently go to bed at the same time every night too.

    Happy Friday to you too!

  5. Wooo... I get tired just reading about all that running around. And here I thought Miss T's softball kept me busy!