Friday, March 8, 2013

A family apart......

OK I am going to vent for a minute. Why here? Because no one I know reads this really, at least I don't think. So here goes....

We went to dinner tonight. I received a gift card from work today and thought it would be nice to have dinner as a family. That is something that just doesn't happen we went to Red Robin....well...I love my family ....really I do....but...

Everyone in our family expects support from me. Husband, kids, mother, sister, nephew, etc. But man, I ask for a little and I get nothing. Not only in the weight loss area, but in the human area too. My kids sometimes, (pretty rarely), back talk something horrible. But it is happening more often. I know they are teenagers and it is expected. But sometimes the blatant disrespect is baffling. I didn't raise them that way and if we hadn't been in the car I might have really let her have it. I would have gotten my teeth smacked out of my face if I talked to my parents like that. But it would be nice for once for the hubby to speak up in my defense. "Don't talk to your mother like that" would have been a great response. Instead I got nothing. NOTHING!!!

I am to the point I think it would be best for us to not even live together. There I said it!! I have felt it for so long and never said it! I even said it in the car and NOTHING!!! ARGH!!! I am so frustrated!!

So yes, this family doesn't feel much like a family. I know I know, this is all normal, but some days are easier to ignore than others. Today is not one of those days.

Anyway, I have figured out that stress makes my band feel tighter. This is something I have read on a lot of your blogs. But I felt it today. I wasn't hungry AT ALL today, but I ate anyway. I think I probably could have just skipped eating most of the day.

Bad food choices today! You bet!! Let the weekend sabotage begin! NO NO NO!!! At Red Robin for dinner I had 1 onion ring, a few spoonfuls of Artichoke Spinach dip, 1/2 a bacon cheese burger, a few fries, and yep I drank raspberry ice tea with dinner. The I came home and ate an entire bag of popcorn with sugar free caramel on it!! Let the guilt set in.

Nope didn't work out today either. Had to cancel my swim appointment because of work. Then had to get home to take the girls to the orthodontist, then straight to dinner an home around 9:30 pm to eat popcorn. Yes I'm tired. I didn't get all my water in either....

I was supposed to run yesterday and didn't because of my knee, didn't run tonight either for what ever reason, and now its supposed to blizzard tomorrow.

OK I'm done. Off my pity pot. Time to get back on the hamster wheel and make things move again.

Maybe it's the 2 days with virtually no exercise that have me feeling like a slug...Have a great weekend!


  1. Good way to look at it, back on the hamster wheel! I live in a very dysfunctional family, it is super tough to stay focused, I know how you feel with that part.

  2. Yes - stress will do that...Once you get some exercise in you'll feel much better!

  3. So sorry you are feeling this way. Getting your exercise in will definitely help clear your head. It's the best therapy out there! You need to talk to hubby. You guys should be a team working together! Good luck and I hope you can make some "you" time this weekend:)

  4. Excerise always clears my head and makes life appear a little more doable! The hardest part of this journey is mental. Don't set up a pity party for long... vent and then get a move on (easier said than done.) :)

  5. I grew up in a household where we verbally shot gunned everyone that raised our blood pressure. After we had unloaded and our gun was empty we felt great, and our blood pressure was back to normal. Everyone we verbally shot gunned was shot full of holes from the blast, lying on the floor and shaking. My ex grew up in a home where you gave each other the silent treatment. When you were upset, you kept it bottled up inside you and didn't speak to the other person, sometimes for several days at a time. The other person was supposed to figure out why they were given the silent treatment. Needless to say, our two methods of conflict resolution conflicted greatly. After that marriage ended, I finally decided to go to counseling/therapy. I learned a whole new set of communication skills for conflict resolution. It turns out that neither my ex's, or my prior behavior helps to keep relationships on track. What's the answer? That's for you to discover in your life. Find what works and make it happen.

  6. Sorry you are having such a rough time. Raising teenagers is a hard glad mine are finally grown. Big hugs.

  7. *Hugs*...I can empathize. My hubby is the type of person that assumes if I am mad that what I am saying is venting and doesn't take me seriously...It can be frustrating. Don't beat yourself up over...Listen to your body and learn from the situation and you can try to handle it better next time. Hopefully next time is FAR away from now! *Hugs*

  8. Thanks for your support everyone! And for the advice!

  9. I suppose if you can't sit down with your husband and discuss your feeling and find a unified strategy for your concerns than look into the option of Family Counselling with an understanding therapist.