Thursday, March 7, 2013

OK Ten Things Thursday Take II (Awesome NSV as #10)

Second stab at this! Lets see if I have 10 things for today....(Major NSV at the end!)

1) Less than 90 days left to another road in this journey called life. No drinking this week! Thank goodness! So hard to say no...

2) I didn't run today. My knee is hurting pretty bad. Even kicking in the pool. My brother said to take it easy so I fought the guilt off and didn't run today. I went swimming, burned only 150 calories and then came home and gave my knee a break. Tomorrow night I will run!

3) I have some kind of a skin rash going on around my eye and on my back. WTF is that?!?! Heat rash maybe?!?! From sweat?!?!

4) I am looking forward to weigh in day on Monday. I think the results are gonna be great!

5) The weathermen are calling for a MAJOR snow storm this weekend starting tomorrow. Yes I live in Colorado, but I don't really like the cold or hot. I need to live somewhere where it is always Spring!

6) Work is super slow and has been boring lately. Yikes...

7) I am so bummed that Arrow, Supernatural and Beauty and the Beast are on hiatus (mid season intermission). Next week Beauty and the Beast starts back up and Arrow and Supernatural are the week after that. It makes me sad, this means the seasons are almost over....No clue what I am gonna watch from June to October...

8) I am having a really hard time thinking of 10 things today....

9) A week ago at Lane Bryant I got 7 pair of jeans size 14 (in anticipation of the future) for $14. Yes $2 a pair. I had originally ordered the wrong size online and used $100 of real women dollars when I did. I returned the wrong jeans to the store and had them order the right ones. The ones I really needed were marked down to $12 & $22 per pair. Then they honored my real women dollars too. $14 baby!!

10) MAJOR NSV ALERT!!! Those size 14 jeans came in today. So I thought I would go try them on....and OMG....they fit!!! And comfortably fit at that! That is 8 sizes down. I was a size 22 when I started all this! On top of that, I went and got out an old pair of Rider jeans and they fit too! A little snug but not bad at all!! Loving this! See!!!
Have a great night folks! TGIF! One more sleep and it's FINALLY here!!!


  1. AWESOME NSV!! Good of you to rest the knee- thats the right thing to do. You are crushing this weight loss! I'm Jealous of living in Colorado - Mountain Bike heaven....mmmmmmmmmmm.
    Snowing here this morning - but not enough to stay home under the covers and watch Breaking Bad all day - booo.

  2. Looking great! Love those NSVs!

  3. Woot woot!!! New smaller pants us the best! You should try watching Grimm... It's starting up again and you can see the last seasons on Hulu. Might fill the arrow void!! :)

  4. You look great!!! And definitely rest the knee. The last thing you need is an injury!!!

  5. I love fitting into smaller jeans....its all worth it!

  6. OMG you look great!!! Great post! Keep up the good work!

  7. GO YOU!!! I miss Lane Bryant - I used to live in the States, and I had the most beautiful plus size wardrobe...and I feel you on Supernatural - we LOVE that show!!! Congrats on your NSV's!!! You rock!

  8. Thanks everyone! I will look into Grimm!