Saturday, March 2, 2013

Get your dance on!!

Friday night was a blast. A bunch of us from work went to a bar and saw a band called the Boogie Machine last night! They play 70's music. It was a total blast. We drank the night away and then sweated it all out on the dance floor. Or most of it at least! I danced for almost 4 solid hours! No clue how many calories that is. But I fitbit says it was over 14000 steps and almost 3000 calories for the day. So I am guessing that I had to of burned at least 800 just dancing. Swam too. Food wasn't great but the dancing made up for that.
Was a great time! Danced so long and hard by knees and legs hurt today.
Tired today and I think maybe a little hung over. I think this week will be calmer and more normal.
OK very tired. So short and sweet. Have a great Saturday everyone! :)