Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Hump Day!!

Happy Hump Day everyone!!

The week is 1/2 over and I am so ready for Friday!

Tonight we went to my youngest daughters Varsity Basketball awards ceremony. And my baby lettered!! The highschool my girls go to is new. it's only been open for 3 years. It has 9 - 11 graders. The Varsity Basketball team consisted of only freshman and sophmore players. She is only a freshman and she was benched for the majority of the season. She played a few minutes in about 8 games. She was so discouraged and wanted to quit at least 5 times (probaby more) that I can remember talking her down off the ledge. She came home crying several times from practice because of the starters making fun of her but I didn't want her to quit. 2 reasons - 1) She would regret the decision to quit in the long run, and 2) She started basketball season and she needed to see it through. Finish what she started. I am proud of her, she did finish. It was a very hard season for her. But she toughed it out and in the end it was all worth it! Especially her face! She was glad she lettered but this is not what she was super excited about.
Her first High School Varsity Letter! But this is what she got really excited about!
The coaches named her the Most Improved Player! He even touched on the fact that she wanted to quit and toughed it out and finished the season. This meant more to her then lettering and truth be told, I teared up. Just sitting here typing this is making me tear up!
She hasn't had the easiest life, my little girl, so moments like these really get to me.
OK Thanks for letting me boast about my girl!!
So on to today's workout. No swimming because of the basketball party. But I came home and got on my elliptical. I think my HRM was dirty or something the first time. Because I know the calorie burn isn't right on it. I did one of the pre-programed calorie burn workouts and the elliptical said (277 calories) vs the HRM that said (143 calories): I know this is wrong. The ellitical runs about 25 calories faster than my HRM so they are usually close. So that being said I am calling this first 20 minutes 250 calories give or take a few.
For the second round I decided to do the C25K on the elliptical just to keep going. I washed the chest strap of my HRM really well and tried again. I got much better results the second time around. The elliptical said 248 calories and my HRM said  234. We will say about 25 calories difference even though the pictures say 18 (I didn't stop the HRM right away).  So I'm going to call today about 500 calories. I'm good with that! Big pictures again sorry...
Food today was great!
Calories: 1096.88
Fat: 19.88
Sugar: 59.00
Protein: 78.13
OK folks! Have a great night! It's sleepy time!


  1. Awwww, so happy for you & your girl! That's so exciting!!!

  2. That was happy for you guys

  3. I really love it when our kids brings us joy. It is those times that make all the gray hairs worth it. Now I have grandkids making me proud:)