Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Back on the Wagon!

Woo Hoo!! I've been sitting around for 12 days. I couldn't take it anymore. I go see the doctor tomorrow and I feel good! So I went for a run tonight. 4.1 miles. I went slow. I did the first week of the C25K. Run 60 seconds, walk 90 seconds etc. And I did it twice. It is going to take some priming I think to get e back where I was before surgery. That's ok. I will take it slow. So first day back 526 calories! I'm good with that.
And the snow is melting and the days are getting warmer! Legs were a little shaky after 4 miles though LOL. Oh question, My feet didn't like my socks tonight. I think I have small blisters on the bottom of my feet. What can I put over them so I can run some more this week?  
I am so excited for spring! I love Spring! I would love for it to be spring all year round!
Confession....I am behind on reading all of your blogs. It's been a crazy few days and I haven't been able to read for the last 4 days. I am back on track with my reading :) I've so missed reading about everyone's accomplishments. I have been trying to get caught up slowly.
I am pretty sure I have found my green zone. I don't feel the need for a fill and I am not eating all the time. I do however feel like I eat just because. I totally need to figure out how to get over that! Head hunger. I've seen a lot about that in the blogs I have read recently. How do we get past the eating just to eat thing?
I hope everyone is having a great evening! Cheers! And Sweet Dreams!


  1. Head to deal with that is the million dollar question :D You sound like you're doing great...when it starts getting warmer I so want to restart the C25K, it's such a great way to go! Yay you!.

  2. Way to go! That was a great run!!!

    Head hunger is the worst. I've gotten into the ritual of drinking tea, and I also just plan out my day and only bring that food to work. If I have extra, I'll eat it!

  3. head hunger sucks! glad to hear you are in the green!

  4. yay for the green zone! i think the head hunger thing will always be there but we have to find a way to change our lifestyle so we dont focus on it. how do we do that?! i am not sure and if you find out...please tell me! :)

  5. I love Spring too. :-)

    Btw, you have my total blessing to hit "skip" on any of my blogs, any time. xo

    I'm glad you felt well enough to try running again, and also that you are seeing the doctor today - hope the appointment goes well!

  6. Glad you're feeling better... hope everything goes well at the Doc's!

  7. I'm sure it's fine by now to start being active again. Hope the doctor agrees!

    My blog post today is about head hunger. But don't feel like you have to catch up on it! I know I write awfully long posts compared to some people. That's just the way I roll--but I don't expect anyone to read ALL of them. ;)

  8. Lately I've been successfully fighting my Head Hunger with no-calorie drinks. Iced tea or hot tea-- similar to what Chelle is doing.
    Sorry to hear about the blisters on your feet. Maybe try some transparent dressing Bandaids-- they seem to stay on really well and they should give your skin the coverage it needs.