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Tuesday, April 16, 2013

6th month Bandiversary....

 Most importantly, the people of Boston are in my thoughts. It is so sad what has been happening for so long. This is like 9/11 all over again. Terrible devastation. Great quote posted by Deirdre.

So yesterday while I was on my pity pot about my weekend binge it totally escaped me that it has been 6 months since I was banded!

But first, thank you all for your supportive comments and suggestions yesterday. I received some great advice and am going to implement it!

When I started this journey I had one reason. I did this for me and only me. I covered all of this in my 5 Month Post-op post. so I won't go into it all again. I started off great and things have slowed down. I knew it would slow down, and I am also fully aware of why. I have gotten lax in some areas, like the eating area for sure. I am working on tightening things up!

I am not going to let this defeat me. I have come to far. I need to stay focused on why I started all this to begin with. I need to sit back and re-focus on me.

Thanks everyone for reminding me of the accomplishments I have made over the last year! (I should go back and read my own blog sometimes!)
  1. 1 year ago - I quit smoking by doctor's order so I could have lap band surgery. Yep, This is the only reason I did this. I totally didn't want to!
  2. I overcame my pity party after a 4 month "whoa is me"  binge on DQ & Baskin Robins! I blamed the weight gain on my lack of cigarettes. I hit 274.8 lbs and looked in the mirror and said "the lap band won't work for you either if you keep this up!" SO I started swimming regularly.
  3. I proved to myself that I could lose weight without smoking! I lost 14.6 lbs by surgery day.
  4. I have dropped 8 pant sizes and 3 shirt sizes. From size 22 to 14! From XXXL shirts to XL!
  5. I have lost 45 lbs in the 26 weeks since surgery. An average of 1.73 lbs per week! 7.5 lbs per month! Even with a few gains in there. I have lost an overall amount of 59.6 lbs in 8 months.
  6. Most importantly, I have found the ability to like myself. I am still working on the self love thing, but I am getting better at it every day. And I will continue to have days and weeks like yesterday and that's OK. I just have to keep my eye on the prize. What's my prize, my prize is ME!
Because I have gone from this:
To this!
and from this:
To This!

So Yes I feel good. And I will continue on! There will be pity parties along the way, I'm human. But this too, shall pass!

Thanks for reading! More later :)


  1. Happy bandiversary. You are looking great!

  2. That is an awesome list of accomplishments for 6 months! I'm only a couple of weeks away from 6 months, and you're way ahead of me.

  3. Happy 6 months! I'm almost at six months too, and don't think I could squeeze myself into a size 14 pants. You're doing great! Everyone has a rough week here and there, you dusted yourself off and got back to it. We can do this!

  4. Awesome! I just love the numbers. I am forever figuring out what I have weighed, what I would have weighed if I hadn't got the band... and so on! You just keep it up chica!

  5. Congrats on your 6 months and on all the WONDERFUL things you have done for yourself!!!! I needed to read this today :)

    Someone on facebook posted that Fred Rogers quote last night and I really like it--thanks for sharing!

  6. What a great list! Happy bandiversary!

  7. Love the pics! You're doing great!

  8. looking good Chris. Happy Bandaversary

  9. Happy 6 month Bandiversary! You've made some incredible changes. I absolutely love the last sentence in your point number 6. "My prize is me" just sums up exactly why I am doing this too.

  10. Happy bandiversary! I wish you could see the smile on my face for you right now. I am just so proud of you for working hard and realizing that perfection is unattainable, but working hard isn't. You're kicking ass!

  11. sometimes you just have to regroup and refocus--you got this!

  12. Happy six months- you have every reason to be proud of all you have accomplished!

  13. Thank you everyone! I wouldn't be were I am without your awesome support!