Thursday, April 11, 2013

Ten Things Thursday! Take Two!

OK I will try this for a second time. Let's see if I can come up with 10 things. Thanks to Laura Belle we have TTT!

1)  Tomorrow is Friday! So Exciting!! I love Friday's because its the END of my work week!! My girls have a tennis match tomorrow. I get to leave work early so I can go watch!

2) Saturday is supposed to be dry, snow free, and warm! I think it is a definite weekend to get the bikes out! Sunday we are going to the Improv with some friends! Should be a fun night out!
3) My daughter is sitting on the couch painting her hand! Yes her hand! With nail polish! Teenagers are the strangest things!
4) Today was a run day. It was W7D1. 25 minutes of jogging. I did this at work on the treadmill today. I had a few bumps. I was going, and was in the room with someone else from work, they didn't have the fan on and it go SO hot. So after 5 minutes I was doing great, and the guy that was in there left. I had to stop and turn the fan on. So I had a short break and then got back on for 20 minutes consistently at 3.8 mph. SO no 25 straight but close. After that workout I opted to do W2D1. I got in about 4 miles total and burned 524 calories!! The second workout I am doing on run days is where I work on my speed. I can run 90 seconds at 4.5 MPH. When I started all this I couldn't even walk at 3 mph without huffing and puffing! YAY ME! NSV!!
5 ) I timed my mile today on the treadmill. I think it is basically 16:10. I'm OK with this. I am not super concerned with running fast right now. I'm just excited to be doing this at all!
6) I am kind of excited about weight in on Monday. I weighed today ( <-- scale whore) and I was only 4 lbs from my goal!! I don't think I will be able to lose 4 lbs by next Wednesday but I should be there shortly afterwards! Once I get there I  will be 1/2 way to my goal of 145 lbs!
7) Work is so slow its ridiculous! I was basically done by 9:30 this morning. I did a lot of putzing around!
8) Four reasons I LOVE Wednesday Nights! Dean, Sam, Diggle, & Oliver!

9) The reason I love Thursday nights! Vincent & Cat! I am a total Superhero/forbidden love junkie! I admit it! I so want to be in the fantasy! This real life shit sucks!! :)
10) I absolutely love this summery blouse and I will find a way to wear it even once I lose another 70 lbs!!
Thank goodness! I'm out of things to say! Have a great evening and a fabulous Friday! Luv ya! Hugz all around! :)


  1. Way to go! I am so proud of you for your running and kickass workouts. WAY TO GO!!! PS - that blouse is adorable, maybe once you're super skinny it will be a dress! ;)

  2. awesome job on running! have a fabulous weekend!

  3. You can belt the blouse! I love Supernatural (though I'm only on season 3 on Netflix) and I love, love, love Arrow. I'm shipping Oliver and Felicity to a ridiculous degree. Have a great weekend!

  4. You are kicking ass at running!

  5. You are doing such an amazing job! I was banded exactly a year before you and I am going to use your amazing progress to get me back in the game and achieve what we all set out to achieve xxx

  6. Those are an excellent 10 things, although I've never seen any of those shows.

    Also, a great NSV! Congratulations!