Monday, April 15, 2013

Quick Update!

OK I did good today I think. My totals are below. I didn't go on a sugar binge. And I worked out. I burned a total of 430 calories. Got in my W7D2 of the C25K on the treadmill at work today and went swimming after that.

Calories: 1104.17
Fat: 34.83
Sugar: 32.00
Protein: 78.17

Diner was 4 oz of chicken breast sautéed in Franks Red Hot and 505 Green Chili and a tbsp. of light ranch dressing! It was very spicy but so good!!

So day one is down!

It is snowing like mad here! Crazy Colorado weather. When I was driving home my car decided it wanted to visit the ditch on the other side of the road. Luckily there was no oncoming traffic! Just a little sliding around and a ride through the snow covered grass.

It is supposed to be cold the next few days. And it is supposed to keep snowing. I am so ready for spring. Tomorrow is a swim day, and I will get on the elliptical when I get home.

One day at a time! One day at a time!

Thanks for all of your support today. Your words really help! The question, what is emotionally going on with me, I think I am scared. I have about 5 weeks left of my job and I am going back to work in our business. I had a dream we became homeless. With time this too shall pass.

Have a great night everyone!


  1. Awesome job. Way to get up and dust yourself off.

  2. OMG, I'm glad you're ok! I am a wuss about driving in snow.

  3. ah hugs girl...that is some stress to be living thru!

  4. You are awesome! Just keep at it! We are cheering for you!

  5. Great job Chris! The best thing you can do for yourself during this stressful time, is take good care of your health! It is one thing you can control, when life feels out of control. I don't know if thinking that way helps, but a friend of mine told me she really clung to that when she was losing weight while her husband had brain cancer. You'd think it would have thrown her efforts aside, but it really focused her because it was her one thing she felt in control of when life was very stressful and unpredictable, and she took comfort from that.

  6. Glad you are safe and had a good day! That is a very stressful situation to be in... hope you get feeling better about it soon!

  7. I feel you on the ready for spring front! I'm so sick of having to bundle up to take my kids to the bus stop every day. I miss sunshine.
    Best of luck with the job situation. I know how stress can throw the body off...keep up the exercise. It's the best medicine!