Friday, April 19, 2013

That quiet little smile!

Howdy Friends! It seems like it has been a couple of days since my last post. I think I have lots to report!! Exciting stuff here!! HAHAHAHA!! Maybe... You tell me!

Yesterday was Thursday right? Yep, sure was! Work was work....BORING!! But hey that's ok! The real exciting stuff came later! Sometime around 4 PM I believe, when I went into the gym to get on the treadmill. It was a run day, **YAY** was W8D1, 5 minute walking warm up followed by 28 minutes of solid jogging, & a 5 minute cooldown. NO WAY!! There is no way I was going to be able to jog for 28 minutes. That is roughly 8 songs, good fast upbeat songs.

Of course I started! (And somewhere around 14 minutes in my legs were on fire!! And EWWW The sweat was dripping **GAG**) And ya know what?!?!?! I finished too!!!!!! BOO YAA!!! So during my cool down I couldn't help myself, I was looking at the timer and it said 38 minutes, totally wasn't even trying but suddenly I got this quiet little smile on my face and a silent fist pump that said "YES!!" I literally felt proud of myself! Doesn't happen very often, me feeling proud of me, it was a strange feeling. But it was awesome!! So I got roughly 1.5 miles in in 28 minutes. But I am not real concerned with speed right now. YAY ME!!!
And of course as always I went back and did W1D1 again. This is where I work on my speed, I was able to jog at 4.0 MPH for a solid 60 seconds. On the long runs I jog around 3.5 - 3.7 MPH. Every little bit helps! I spent almost a full hour (I should have went 26 seconds more) on the treadmill! And clocked 445 calories! And I went 3.36 miles! Even if they weren't all jogging!
Left there and went swimming for a 1/2 hour, I was a little warn out. But I still went. Last night I also went to my first support group. It was fun! I enjoyed it and will be going back again. Last night was exercise night, go figure LOL. I got there late but still participated in about 20 minutes worth of heart elevating exercise, I was sweating...So between running, swimming and the support group exercise I am guessing I torched about 550 calories total! Awesome!! So excited!
My food was good too! My "range is 1200-1400 calories/day.
Calories: 1326.33
Fat: 36.58
Sugar: 128 (OK so most of my food was good! I treated myself to a Starbucks since it was a straight liquid diet day) :)
Protein: 92.16

Fast forward to today! Today was a swim only day. I decided to take it easy and have a light day. I got off work early around 3. After I swam I went for a pedicure & got my nails done. Fun times! For dinner I decided to make a Cauliflower Pizza Crust Calzone. Who woulda thunk!?!? I got this idea from Lyn. Cauliflower, eggs and cheese as a dough!?!? AWESOME!! It started like this:
And cooked it looked like this! 
 And This was my portion. It looks like this puppy is going to be about 4 meals for me!
Totally doesn't taste like Cauliflower! My version included, 1/2 c turkey sausage crumbles, 1/2 c part skim mozzarella, 10 turkey pepperoni, 1/4 c ricotta cheese, 1/4 green peppers & 1/4 c sliced mushrooms. I put rosemary & pizza seasoning with garlic salt and pepper in my "dough" and I used 1/8 c Barilla marinara for my dip. Not crazy about the marinara. Barilla is too sweet for my taste. But the calzone was good. The nutritional value you ask?!? 1/4 of this calzone is:

Calories: 129.86
Fat: 6.56
Sugar: 2.33
Protein: 12.26

Pizza Crust is easy: 2 cups Cauliflower, chopped in the food processor or blender, cooked and squeeze as much moisture out as possible. Add 2 beaten egg and 1/3 cup low moisture Mozzarella. Add your own toppings or stuffing like I did, and bake 12 - 15 minutes at 450 degrees.

This is a doubled recipe and it made it way huge, and took about 1/2 hour to bake at 450 and I will get 4 meals out of it. Neither of my kids like cauliflower, but one of them said it tasted really good and they liked it better with catsup.

Today's food totals were good too!
Calories: 1207.36
Fat: 43.89
Sugar: 52.83
Protein: 92.26

Tomorrow is a college thing with my oldest, a massage and a night out with friends from work! I am looking to not drink 10K worth of calories! Wish me luck!

Have a great night everyone!


  1. I bet that felt great! Awesome job with pushing yourself.
    That pizza crust sounds tastey- I will have to give it a shot.

  2. So trying this! Tomorrow! Yummy.

  3. awesome job! you should be proud of yourself just look at how good things are going right now :) and that reminds me I have yet to plant my tush on that bike, on it like right now :)hope the rest of the weekend will be awesome

  4. Very very exciting day in my book! Reading your story reminded me so much of mine! You are awesome!

  5. Trying this as soon as i Get some cauliflower. To bad you can't use broccoli-i have tons of that...or can you? I'll let you know if i try it today.

  6. Way to go!!!! That first solid run is so intimidating and then you do it and realize YOU CAN! I am so proud of you!

    That calzone also looks SUPER yummy. We are big fans of cauliflower "fried rice" over here. YUM!

  7. SO MANY positive things in there, but you know what my favorite was? How when you were in your cool down stage you were "surprised by feeling proud of yourself". I hope it starts happening ALL THE DARN TIME! :-D I hope that voice just won't shut up with the compliments.

    I agree, the calzone looks nummy, and I'm not even starving anymore, lol! ;-D

    Hope you have a fun weekend and continue to feel in control - you can do this. Do you have a plan in advance for the drinking? It might help to mentally rehearse in advance what your strategy is - like alternating water with alcohol, or figuring in advance what you are going to order on the menu, deciding what you are going to have to drink, what you'll say if your friends push you to have more, etc. Whatever your forsee as challenges; since this is typically a really challenging situation for you. It is always a lot harder to make those choices in the moment, than it is when you've planned/rehearsed them in advance. Sorry if you already know all this and that is advicey!

  8. Great job. It is amazing to push and see what we really can do. So proud of you!

  9. I have personally never tried the cauliflower crust, but I have several friends who love it. Yours looks yummy :)

  10. awesome workouts - per the usual! I'm totally going to have to try that pizza crust thing. looks great!

  11. Hi Chris! You have lovely attitude that will take you far.

    FYI, the cardio machines tell big whoppers about about many calories you exert when exercising. They incredibly over-estimate calories exerted. (You'll be able to tell this by comparing input of calories eaten vs. output of exertion according to cardio machines for half a year like I did in 2008. If the cardio machines were actually true, I would have ended up less than 100 pounds in 2008 because I vigorously exercised about 16 hours of cardio per week that year. But alas, I turned size 12.)

    But the excellent news for you--*you're going to lose weight* based upon your actions and your eating. I really deeply believe that. :D

    :-) Marion

    1. Thanks Marion! I appreciate this! :) I totally agree with how inflated the cardio machines are. There is always a huge difference between my heart rate monitor and the machines. I always go with my HRM. I have a strap that goes around my chest and it feeds to a watch on my wrist, if I were to go by the machines I would burn a ton more calories!

  12. I've been waiting to try the cauliflower crust! Great job on your workouts! WOOHOO for jogging for 28 minutes! THAT'S AWESOME!!

  13. Thanks every one for your continue support and encouragement! Let me know what you think of the cauliflower pizza crust!