Wednesday, April 17, 2013

I took today off! 5th fill!

Mainly because I just ran out of time in the day. I left work around 12:30 to head to my Doctor's office for my 6th month post-op appointment. I got there right on time!

I was really afraid whether or not they would give me a fill, we chatted and after I told her about my nacho episode last Friday she totally agreed and did not ask anymore questions. She added .4 cc's bring my fill level to 6.85 cc's.

If you recall back in February I had a fill of .5 cc's but had to have .3 cc's removed about a week later. She told me this is common. As I lose more and more weight I may need my band tightened so I may still require some more fills before reaching my Green Zone. So (knock on wood) we will see how this fill goes. So far so good. I have been on liquids all day.  I asked about my lab work and she said for the most part everything looks good. But, there is always a but...I was hoping to get off of the cholesterol medication, and honestly I keep forgetting to take it and I have forgotten since I had the band put in. But I was hoping with the diet and exercise I would be done, alas, this is not the case. My cholesterol is higher now then before I had surgery when I was on the meds. So the doctor said more than likely my cholesterol is hereditary and not attributed to diet and exercise. She said there may come a day where I can come off of the meds but it's not that time yet. So I will start taking the meds again tonight. Just so hard to remember because I am not a pill popper. She did say my good cholesterol looks good which is an accomplishment.

All my vitamin levels and  sugars are good. This is a good thing!

I finished today at:
Calories: 1120
Fat: 31
Sugar: 48
Protein: 103.50

Good numbers for today! And I have been only minimally hungry! Tomorrow is a liquids only day too. My doctor considers pureed foods, yogurt and cottage cheese to fall into this category too so luckily tomorrow I will get to have some of this too! Then Friday and Saturday will be mushies, and Sunday will be regular diet.

Since today was my 6th month visit, I also had to visit with the psychologist and nutritionist. I had a great talk with both of them. I'm glad these resources are available with all the struggles I have had in the last couple of weeks. And frankly over the last year and a half.

The psychologist told me to come see her monthly. It's a service offered by the bariatric clinic and there is no charge to me so I am totally going to take advantage of this service. I am a strong believer that getting it out is great therapy. And since I have a week support system at home she wants me to lean on them for the support I need. So tomorrow I will go to my first "live" support group. I've only ever done the support group online. I don't find this very helpful. There is also a support group only for Lap Band patients every other month. So I will go to group twice every other month. I am putting this in my calendar.

She was very happy that I am blogging and that I have a strong support system in the blogging community. She also told me that she thinks I am restricting myself too much. I am trying too hard to follow the rules. She said I need to relax. She knows that is going to be difficult for me but she wants me to work on allowing myself to make mistakes and not beating myself up when I do. She was impressed with how I have been handling all the family stress and the work stress, but she is afraid I am going to self destruct if I don't take a break. She also asked what I was afraid of. It made me think and I am glad she asked. There is actually quite a bit that scares me to death, like failing at this weigh loss thing, losing my job and the fear of the unknown, and my nephews future. So I have things to work on, and with her help I will get there! She also said she wanted to give me a reality check. She said they expect to see people lose about 52 lbs a year. Approximately 1 lb a week. She said I am way above average at 45 lbs in the last 6 months. She said 7 lbs I will be at what they expect to see in one year. I knew about the averages but I am a little harder on myself. . I have a positive attitude about things and frankly I am glad she wants me to come back and talk with her. I do think I am doing well. And thanks to my blogger friends and the clinic I have been reminded of just how well I am doing

Next was my visit with the nutritionist. I was glad to be able to talk with her today as well. The whole calorie thing has been driving me nuts. I asked what my calories should be and she suggested a range of 1200 - 1400 per day. She said she doesn't want me dwelling on this because she doesn't want me to feel like I am on a diet. She wants me to enjoy life. She too said I am trying to hard to do everything by the book. I showed her my food journal and she was amazed that I have journaled everyday for the last 6 months. Her goal for me is to stop journaling so much by my 1 year post op visit and to only be spot checking 2 times a week or so by then. She said she is glad I am exercising like I am but both her and the psychologist suggested that rather than a goal of 400 calories burned a day, they would rather me use a range so I don't beat myself if I don't hit 400 in one day. So my range is to exercise a minimum of 30 minutes 4 -6 times a week. If I decided to do more than great.

So I call today successful and productive! I feel better about my journey. Unless I need one sooner I go back for another fill eval in July.

My doctors appointment took about 2 hours. I didn't think it was going to take this long. I had to run home and get my nephew to take him to a doctors appointment. Between my appointment going long and the snow we got to his appointment a few minutes late. After that we ran to Panera so I could get my Broccoli Cheese fill day soup and then ran a few more errands.

One errand was to pick up my new ring. I am fanatical about rings. I finally have one for ever finger! 10 total!! I love rings! I wear 2 necklaces and 1 bracelet. But I love my rings!
And then I sporadically decided to get my ear pierced for the 4th time. Not sure why, just felt like it. That would be the single earring towards the top of my ear. I wont ever pierce my face but I would someday like to get my belly button pierced if I look awesome when I get to my goal!
So by the time I got home tonight I was starving since I am on liquids and it was 7 pm. So I decided to take today off and use it as a rest day. I have worked out 3 days since Sunday and today is OK. So I relaxed this evening and it honestly felt good. I will start back up tomorrow! I think the rest today was good for my knee too, the back of my knee has been hurting and taking today off was probably a good thing.
We have more happy hours and more layoffs coming this week and next week. I am going to do well this time! I am determined!!
OK I don't think I have anything else to report tonight. So, TTFN! Thanks for reading and have a great night.


  1. I am THRILLED with all of this. I LOVE the advice the nutritionist and the psychologist gave you (because they agree with me bwahahaha!;-P) I'm such a nerd. ;-) Seriously, I was worried at your stress and restricting, and I LOVE that the people who are the medical professionals and know your whole story, were able to give you good counsel. :-) I love how it seems to have given you more of a sense of comfort and peace, and that your bariatric center HAS these extra services, and that you are taking advantage of them. I am going to take advantage of every service mine offers, too, so don't think I'm speaking in a patronizing tone. :-) I know mine has monthly group support meetings, but I don't think there is other counseling. I would take advantage of some type of one on one counseling as I lost the weight, if it was with someone I liked talking to, I think that is always worthwhile if the person is good - and from what you shared, she sounds spot on. And like you say, you have a TON of stress in your life right now, outside of the weight loss - just being able to VENT about that would be worth it.

    So happy it all went so well today Chris.

  2. So good to see the support they are offering you, and even happier to see that it is making you feel better. It is so hard not having a great support, since my surgeon is in the UK we dont have any of those options here for free but I feel blogging is helping me loads, and being able to converse with other such as yourself. You are doing so great, and I think the advice they gave you was a good one. We all screw up someday but it is just about not letting it get to you too much (need to learn that myself). Hope you have a great stress free weekend

    Bandster love from super chilly Iceland

  3. I am really happy to see that you have some support with them and will be going there. I think that's great! There is so much "stuff" that comes up with the weight loss (even being in "maintenance") and it's awesome to have the support of those professionals. I'm so thrilled for you!

  4. It's so awesome that their counseling services are free. My office has a counselor, but you have to pay for sessions. :-(

    I think you're doing great! And I think their advice that you don't have to be quite so perfect is spot on. I wonder if you will burn out fast trying to do everything so perfectly? But you've done awesome for six months and you'll keep doing it.

    Good for you, friend!

    And how do you wear a ring on every finger? I think that would drive me nuts! :-)

  5. the support groups sound good and what an awesome day for you!

  6. Hi Chris, any toe rings? Just curious. Happy for your happiness:)

    1. HAHA! No no toe rings Marc, I would think that would feel funny in my shoes! :)

    2. I wear a toe ring before but it stopped fitting. It's definitely a call to lose weight :) I love your manicure! Get enough rest and do take care.


  7. i'm glad your psych and nut visits went well. maybe i'm more laid back, but i'm not obsessing about the numbers. my surgeon said 1.5 lbs a week is average--some weeks more, some weeks not at all--and maybe some weeks you'll gain. it's normal. i'm not a scale every day person--i'm a scale once a month when i go for a dr visit type of person so i don't obsess about it. and i exercise when I can--but i don't have facilities close to home that make it convenient--so i'm just relying on good old walking right now.

    you do have to live your life--we are all different, will lose at different rates, and reach goals at different times. i went into this with a two year plan to reach my goal--and my surgeon agrees. one of my friends who had the band two weeks before me has lost 30lbs so far--and she hasn't had her first fill. i've lost 3. but i'm not her and she's not me.

    make sure that you are doing the right things for you and not trying to be someone else.

    i'm still rooting for you--and living vicariously through those awesome looking frozen drinks you like to post pictures of!

  8. btw, didn't mean to like take over your commetns section. you have been a total rockstare with your exercise and weight loss--and i'm VERY proud of you and your accomplishments!

  9. I am so glad you have those resources available to you! How wonderful to hear from these professionals that you are doing a great job!

  10. YAY! so positive! Love all of this post.

    I've also been meaning to post about your quesiton on drinking alternatives. I gave up drinking a number of years ago when I was in a group of very heavy drinkers. I hated feeling left out - but didn't want to drink. So I switched to club soda and a shot of lime juice. Fizzy, fancy, tart... sipable, and looks like alcohol, so people leave you alone! :)

  11. glad that your vist went well and that you are using the resources that thay have. Remember you are human and it is ok to slip and fall just make sure to pick yourself up and dust yourself off. you didnt put the weight on over night and it won't go away over night.

  12. What good news that you got a good reality check and found such a good source of support.

    I used to wear rings on all of my fingers too, but for some reason I gave it up. I think because my fingers seem to swell and shrink so much during the course of the day, and I hate when the rings get loose. Now I usually just wear one on each hand. Yours look nice! I'm a huge fan of silver jewelry.