Saturday, January 26, 2013

Christmas stuff is.....

Still up LOL. Totally didn't get that taken down today. Oh Well, I am hoping tomorrow we can get it down pretty quick in the morning.

Super tired today. And full. We went to Outback and I didn't eat a lot but I feel really full.....

My numbers aren't bad today though. Here they are:

Calories: 1066.25
Fat: 43.047
Sugar: 37.62
Protein: 70.16

I have been trying to get my sugar down. Today was pretty good. I like to stay under 50 grams of "added sugar" I don't worry much about the natural sugar, so 8.5 grams of today's sugar was in the banana I added to my shake this morning. Pretty good!

Today started out like this:
I know a perm is totally 1980's but I hate messing with my hair. I am a total wash and go kind of gal but.....
I totally can pull off a perm! My stylist rocks! I've been getting perms my whole life and I have never gotten a perm as good as the ones she gives, a tad stanky tho :)~~~~

OK super tired tonight (See I just realized I already said that)....Sweet Dreams everyone!


  1. i used to get perms all the time, now I'm just too cheap so I just stick to coloring (home bottle job)
    Good luck getting the Christmas stuff down. :)

  2. I so wish I had nat curly hair. : ) I haven't permed since I was in High School, but you look great!

    1. I wish mine was ah natural too! But it's straw straight! So much easier though! I am total 80's retro!