Wednesday, January 16, 2013


Scales, fickle little things they are. It has always amazed me how the scale at my PCP's office, my scale, the bariatric scale, the scale at my mothers house, and most likely the scale on the shelf at the local Wal-mart can all read something different. Is this one of those "you get what you pay for" items?!?!?

Last month when I went to the doctors there was a 3 lb difference between my scale and his. I contributed this to the time of day any my clothing. Regardless I usually go by my scale because that is the one I use consistently. So today I decided to test these scales. (Scale Whore, Remember!?!?)

So my first weigh in this morning said this:
I am happy with this. It is still below where I wanted to be today!

So then I got dressed because naturally I will have clothes on when I weigh at the doctors office. And because I am a numbers person I have to know what my scale says fully dressed. I left my shoes off because I wont wear them on the scale at the doctors office. So fully clothed the scale said this:
My Jeans and Winnie the Pooh top apparently weigh 3.2 lbs. OK not bad, this is 10lbs below what the doctors scale said last month.

But the true test is what will the doctors scale say?!?! Well low and behold to my disbelief the doctors scale weighed me at 232.2! (No picture of that scale, but i swear, honest Abe, that's what it said) .4 lbs less then what my scale says. Super encouraging that my scale and the doctors scale are so close together. This must mean my Taylor scale is reliable! I like that!

So since I have officially had my 3rd post-op doctors appointment I thought I would post some comparison pictures, so here you go! I am really kind of liking these! I am a total camera avoider so I don't have a lot of pictures of me...
    2010 Around 275            10/14/12 Night before          1/16/13 - 3 Months Post-op
surgery - 260.2
10/14/12 Night         1/16/13 - 3 Months
                                                                 before surgery          Post-op 229.4
                                                                 - 260.2                
                                               2010 Around 275                           11/13/12 -1 Month Post-op
                                                                                                      - 248
                                                                         1/16/13 -3 Months Post-op
                                                                         - 229.4
I know I should probably wear more defining clothes when I take these pictures but everything I own is big because I hate tight. So Happy Wednesday to you all! I'm loving my progress thus far! And you all are a great inspiration! Thank you for helping me with these changes!
Oh yeah, I did get my 3rd fill today. The doctor added .5cc's giving me a total of 6.25 cc's in my 10 cc band. Next appointment is in 3 months unless I need a fill sooner. So we will see how it goes. Goal is to reach one cup of food and stay full for 3 - 4 hours. We will see what today's fill changes.


  1. You are doing super well! You have lost so much weight on your face and the doctor must have been well pleased with you!

    Ps - i hate scales too!

  2. I am also a scale whore, and a big one at that. I still have not stopped going on my scale first thing each morning. For me it makes it real somehow. I can see a big difference in your before and after pictures. I will do the same later today or tomorrow, got to see if there is a big change in me too lol. Keep up the good work cause you are doing great :D

  3. Great progress pics! You are doing very well! Scale whore here, too. Can't wait until the surgeon's scale shows I'm in Onederland!

  4. what awesome progress...who is that young lady...seriously it looks like pics of you and your mom. You look so much younger!

  5. Look at you go!!! Great pictures and it really shows your work. I never thought of weighing on my scale dressed - I have my 3month appt on Monday so I might give that a try. I DO however think about wearing my lightest clothes... lol

  6. Great job! Last week before I went to the doctor for my first fill I weighed myself nekid as a jaybird then got gressed and there was a 3 pound difference - so when I weighed in at the doctor I mentally subtractred that 3 pounds plus another 5 because a womans brains and boobs should never count against her :)

  7. OMG great pics! Really puts the weight loss into perspective, doesn't it? I agree with Jennxaz, looks like pics of your Mom, then you.

  8. Thanks for the encouraging words! Looking younger is great! Thanks! I try to wear light clothes to the doctors too but its cold here! Love following y'all!

  9. I always hate having to step on the scale at the doctors in the afternoon fully dressed when I know I was lower then that in the morning. great numbers tho!! Love the pictures!

    1. Thanks! My doctor only takes appointments in the afternoon. First one is at 1. Strange...I guess they all want to sleep in.