Friday, January 11, 2013

Surprise visitor!!!

Most times I hate surprise visitors. However, my brother came in on Wednesday! I really like those kind of surprise visits.

He was so nice he helped me finish getting the rental property ready. So we are basically done now. There are a few minor things that have to be fixed but the painting and cleaning are DONE!! Whoo hoo! Time to move on with my life LOL.

I'm really hoping to lose just a bit more by next Wednesday. I am so close to my mini goal of hitting that 30 lb mark for my 3 month post-op visit. How do I know I am so close since I don't weigh in for 3 more days. I think I have mentioned it before but I am a scale whore. I weigh myself a ridiculous amount of times in one day. I am not sure why. I am a numbers person (accountant) so maybe that would explain it. But I have to know how much everything weighs. I even know how many lbs my bladder holds. TMI I know.

Some tell me its not healthy to weigh so often. I would agree but it's like an addiction. My past addictions were cigarettes and Starbucks. So I guess given the nature of this addiction I should be happy. At least this addiction won't kill me or make me gain weight.

Anywho. Colorado was blessed with about 4 inches of snow today and our high for the weekend is 16! YIKES!! Have I mentioned I don't like the cold weather? I wish it was spring and fall all year round.

Tomorrow we have lots of running around to do. And then of course the Broncos in the afternoon! GO BRONCOS!! Yep, I had to go there!

Have a great evening!


  1. I cannot weigh in more than once a week or I'd go nuts. At least with my weekly weigh in, I can stay accountable without obsessing. Many people weigh everyday though. You're not alone, my BFF Robyn weighed in at the beginning several times throughout the day.

  2. I too am a scale whore- I'm bad, everytimego to the bathroom I step on the scale. I know it's not good to do but I just can't help it, but the only weigh in that "counts" is Tuesdays.
    The other day when I went in frmy fill I got dressedand got on thscale and then rethught what I was wearing because the clothes weighted me down too much- crazy I know.
    Glad to hear the rental is almost ready, I'm sure thats a lot to deal with.

  3. I totally get it - today I weighed twice and typically I dont let myself do that. I have my single weigh in routine that I follow, and then track in a spreadhseet and make graphs.... yeah - I love numbers and spreadsheets!!!

    If I start to weigh more I get a little crazy, so I am only a one a day! haha!!