Wednesday, January 23, 2013


Today was another good day! My food choices were good! I even went out to lunch today with a friend and had soup and a third of an awesome Cobb salad! I finished my day with these totals. Not too shabby. Have to work on that sugar intake....

Calories: 941.33
Fat: 38.00
Sugar: 58.00
Protein: 59.00

I swam today too! And I swam harder than I did yesterday! I was super pissed apparently that really gets me going when I am working out!

So my doctors office has a support group online once a month. One of the questions posted yesterday was about band erosion. Then this morning someone that had erosion emailed everyone. Naturally this really scares me. So I looked up the stats. Only .09% of bands eroded. I found these Lap-Band Stats. They are interesting. I feel better after looking at these. It was a 12 year study on 1791 patients. I am totally not posting this to alarm anyone. A little late to ask now, but has anyone else thought about any of this? I can't possibly be the only one!?!? I read all about the bad stuff before I had surgery too but I still decided to go with it. And I am glad I did! I would do it again!

Oh Yeah, I am still listening to my body and I think the sigh may definitely be a signal. No soft burps today but I did have a sigh every time. I am still collecting data on this. Naturally!

I have seen many people that like Artic Freeze ice cream. Question? I bought some, the cookies and cream kind. I don't like it. It has like no flavor to me. At all.... Am I missing something? I would be willing to try it again.


  1. I worry about band erosion too; I'm sure we are not the only ones that do. It's natural to worry about something that we voulentarily put in bodies. But if I sit ant dwell on that I would give my self and ulser and thats not good either.
    Great Numbers today- I am feeling bandster hell and have felt the need to snack, a lot- nothing horrible but I have not been sticking to the three 4 oz meals like they tell me, but I am logging (almost everything) on MFP and I am just around 1200. i just wish I would have got my walk in.
    I have never heard of "artic freeze" what is it?

  2. Information is the key! I think there are negative to all wks, but we all have chosen it. I think it's human to second guess. But being informed is where we will help ourselves the most with anything that comes up in future.

    For instance, I've been awake worrying about my job interview since 5am. Pretty counterproductive ... But human!!

    I do think about the negatives for the sleeve too, but the think back to my body then and know I was doing vastly more harm, vastly.

    You are doing awesome! Keep on it, know the symptoms, don't ignor your body.

  3. I do, especially when I see a lot of longtime bloggers need revisions or replacements. I sometimes wonder if those statistics are really accurate, because it seems higher to me and it seems to happen to most after about 5 years...well they do say that even women with breast implants need them replaced after about 10years..that silicone just doesn't hold up...seems that should be kind of true to the band too?