Thursday, January 31, 2013

I did it! I think.....

OK so I did the first C25K Day 1 thing last Sunday. Well I did it again today...on my treadmill. It's cold outside and I really hate the cold. Does this count?

I am kind of excited. I ran SUPER slow (as suggested) when I was supposed to run. Like maybe 3.5 mph and I think I was walking about 2.8-3 mph (my treadmill is super super old so I don't know how accurate it is, but I got my heart rate up). I mean I probably could have walked as fast as I was running (or jogging). But I really wanted to see if I could do it. I wanted so bad to do all the 60 second intervals. Guess what!?!?

I did it! I was able to jog for 60 seconds every interval for the entire 30 minutes. I even threw in an extra one during the cool down. I kept my heart rate in the zone. And I maxed out at 167 tonight. Much better than 200.
I'm going to keep at it. I can't swim for a few days because of my tattoo so I think I will do this instead. I think I might make Sundays a rest day. And I am going to stay on week one for a while at least I think. What do you think?
My numbers were good again today!
Calories: 1175.03
Fat: 32.39
Sugar: 53.01
Protein: 91.32
Good water intake today too.
How was your day?!?!?


  1. Good girl! What a gorgeous tattoo to honour your Dad! Lovely thought!

  2. it totally counts on the treadmill...I need to get one, because yeah, it sucks to run out in the cold!

  3. WAY TO GO!!!! See, just sloooooow it down. I think when I did C25K I maxed out running at 4.0 at the END. And I did all of my training on the treadmill. In fact, my first run outside EVER was for a race! LOL

  4. that is soo cool! great progress!

  5. Of course it counts!! Great job.