Saturday, February 2, 2013


WOW Was today a busy day! I feeling like we ran around all day long. YIKES!! But it was fun!

I slept in til 9:30, how unusual. I think it was the margaritas from last night. It was a good bye party for a friend from work and I had 3 margaritas! I don't usually drink a lot but they were going down so well. TONS of empty calories. Oh well....Lets move on!

I did my 3rd day of the C25K today but this time I ran outside. And like Thursday I was able to complete the routine 100%. I am so phsyced about this! 6 months ago the words "I will never run" came out of my mouth. "I hate running!" Those came out of my mouth too. I do have to say, I am actually enjoying myself! Dare I say it?!?!? It's FUN!!! There I said it! As a matter of fact, I thought it was so cool, I think I will do it again in the morning. Still running super slow, but I'm doing it!

What else did we do today?!?! I got a new elliptical. I am SO VERY VERY VERY excited about this!! I love the elliptical, but the cheap one I bought makes my knees hurt. So I tried about 4 out today and we bought the one I really liked! The hubby is going to get it put together and I am hoping to be able to use it tomorrow.

NSV!!! We went to Lane Bryant today and I got a new pair of jeans! Size 16!! And they are slightly big. Can't get into 14's yet. But I think its close. And these 16's look good. I like them and they fit great! So I have dropped 6 pants sizes with the last almost 50 lbs! Woo Hoo!!

Also got fitted for new bras today. A little bummed here. I was hoping that with all the weight coming off that my bra size would start to decrease. It didn't as a matter of fact it went up! WTF!?!?! UGH. Oh well. Hopefully they wont continue to increase.

For dinner we took the kids to Gunther Toody's. It's a great 50's type diner. Great good. Totally not really on the diet. I finished the day with the following numbers:

Calories: 1359.80
Fat: 51.05
Sugar: 82.00
Protein: 96.75

Not horrible. Haven't gotten all my water in yesterday or today. Going to have to really drink a bunch tomorrow.

Overall it was a good day. How was your day?!?!

Have a fabo evening!!


  1. sounds like a pretty full day.
    Greta job on the NSV, the running and getting the eliptical

  2. Great job! Running IS fun! And you can do C25K on the elliptical too. Keep it up!!!

  3. You can absolutely do C25K on the elliptical as a change of pace. Congrats on those 16s being big! Do you have thrift shops near you? Salvation Army or Community Aid type stores? They may be a good hold over while you're still dropping sizes. The only thing is, you have to be prepared to look at every single pair of jeans as they are not sized, but in color order. Just a suggestion! Keep up the great work.

  4. WOOOT for new jeans. I dont know if you have a cold water creek near you - but thier jeans are great and go to size 18 so you would fit into jeans there for sure!

    I need to get more water IN! WOrking on that today.

  5. I struggle with my water some days too, and it's usually on the weekends. Oh well...we move on and try better tomorrow!

  6. Thanks everyone! I am up 42 oz so far today. Seems like a long way to go yet LOL.