Friday, February 8, 2013

OMG Lazy Ass Day!!!

WOW! I had a major lazy day. And I totally didn't make great food choices. It started with sleeping in because my daughters had orthodontist appointments today, but they weren't first thing. They were at 9:30 am. So naturally we all took advantage of this. My eldest got her braces taken off today. She was super excited! She's been in them for like 3 1/2 years. But her teeth look great! See!!
My youngest has her braces for a few more months (then we will be all done unless I decide to get them again). But my youngest had a sore mouth because they are going super aggressive to get he done. So she asked for Starbucks. Of course I took them. OY! But what did I buy?!?!? Yep I am gonna tell ya....Banana Nut bread. And I ate the whole damn myself! YIKES!!! Haven't had a pastry from there in over 6 months! It was good but I really could have done without it. I mean it wasn't earth shattering. 490 calories in one of those suckers!! DAMN!!
Had lunch with a friend I hadn't seen in a while. I did great at lunch. I ordered a Cobb salad w/out blue cheese or bread and ate 1/2 of it. 305 calories. OK better.
I swam in the afternoon, but I swam so SLOW!!! I mean I like only hit like 125 calories burned. Better than nothing at all. I like totally sabotaged today....I guess on the upside I moved a little...
So what was dinner you ask?!?!? Or didn't ask, but I am gonna tell anyway....We went to CiCi's Pizza. There was a school fundraiser and of course we want to help the school. Yes I had pizza, 4 pieces (Thank goodness they are small), and a small salad and a small cinnamon roll. Yep! SO BAD!!! I even drank sweet tea while I ate. I know big NO NO!! And let me tell you, my band started talking! I swear I heard it. And then suddenly it screamed.....STOP!!!! I feel like I ate so much! As a matter of fact, I ate until I thought I got stuck. Turns out I wasn't but boy was that close. It was my band yelling at me! STOP!!!! Yes, I did, I stopped, I gave the brownie that was on my plate to anyone that wanted it and I sat back. I wasn't stuffed to the gills. I was comfortable. But my choices were so bad. And I felt like I could eat the neighboorhood. So glad I called to schedule a fill for next week!
I know we all have those days. And I know there will be more like today. I am not perfect, thank goodness for that. But I felt guilty for a while, then I let it go cause I'd already eaten the food. So the guilt wasn't going to do me any good. (Learn from the mistakes) I should have gotten on the elliptical when we got home but I was really tired and just watched TV.  I did get on the scale though (**Scale Whore**) I swore I was gonna see a 5 lb gain, but to my surprise I didn't. Whew that was so close!
Tomorrow is another busy day. But it is a run day too. I am going to run in the AM, have to run after the kids and a massage is scheduled for the afternoon. I will find something healthy to make for dinner tomorrow night. And I am going to the grocery store to get the stuff to make the ham cups I keep seeing everyone post. They look great!

So.....Here's to tomorrow! A new day! And a new start! I will not give up on me! Not this time!



  1. HOly cow! reading the calories in a piece of banana bread makes it much less appetising! Ewk!

  2. I'm such a scale whore too! Can we say obsessed? haha! I hope this goes away some day!

  3. sometimes we have to fall back a few steps to appreciate how far we have come. Tomorrow is another day and a new begining.
    keep on moving!

  4. Scale whore here, too. You're not alone. And is that your daughter? She's beautiful!