Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Not sure how I am going to fit it in today....

a workout that is. Yes I am posting at work. So bored. Today is a non run day so I have to fit something else in. Not exactly sure where I am going to do that. Advice?

I had to cancel my swim appointment for today because my daughter has a basketball team party tonight that I am attending with her. So I will get off work at 4:45 so I can rush home to get her and then rush to the coaches house by 6:30 for spaghetti... (I should be able to keep my eating under control. I come from an Italian family and we have always made homemade everything. So I am super picky. I don't like bottled sauce at all so this will help limit my intake LOL.)

I didn't like canceling my swim appointment but I hate disappointing my baby even more. (She was so excited last night! She scored her first point in the game last night. She is a bench warmer because she is a freshman on the Varsity team. But she has gotten some play time over the last few weeks, despite it only being a few minutes per game. Love seeing smiles on my girls faces!)Priorities!

I am really hoping we are home by 8:30. If I am home by that time I can get on the elliptical for a good 20 minutes. Even if I am home by 9. I just hate working out super late. When I do I am up for hours because it wakes me up. I should really try mornings. But my bed is so very warm and comfy!

Whats on your agenda for today?!?!?

Happy Hump Day!!


  1. It's great you're going with your daughter, its the little things that make a difference.
    I hope you get your sweat on tonight even if just for a little bit.

  2. Just do the elliptical! It's at home, so that will work! Balance between life and healthy lifestyle is HARD!