Monday, February 25, 2013

Mad Monday Weigh In....

 And the results for this week are.....Down 1.8 lbs! I'll take it!
So where does that put me you ask?!?!
My totals are:
54.0 lbs down since 8/22/12!
39.4 lbs down since surgery on 10/15/12!
My average loss since surgery? 1.97 lbs per week. This is not bad! I have even had a few weeks with slip ups in there and we got through the holidays! The doctor tells me that this is unheard of. They expect .5 - 1 lb per week. So I am happy with this progress!
This last fill and then unfill seems to have been the most rockin! It's been a week since my unfill of .3 cc's and I have been really watching the amount of food I can eat. I am right around one cup. And it is keeping me full for 3-4 hours sometimes more! This might be my.....dare I say it?!?!.....GREEN ZONE!!! I certainly hope so! <-- Excited!!
Today was a great day, food was OK (not great, not horrible)! I started with 30 minutes on the elliptical. and I burned somewhere around 280 calories.  This says more but my HRM said like 75 calories less. But 2.8 miles I'm good with! And all before breakfast!
Then my mom and I went for a Spa day. We had a great time! Manicures, pedicures, sugar body scrub, Jacuzzi, massage, & facial. We had lunch too! With a glass of wine! It was way cool! Then my mom took the kids and I to Mimi's for dinner. Yummy! they have the best corn chowder!
My numbers for today?
Calories: 1552.83
Fat: 55.0
Sugar: 85.33 (Cookie with lunch and desert with dinner) :(
Protein: 71.42
So all in all not horrible but not great. But it was a good day!
Tomorrow is a run day. And it is also a Doctors appointment day and a goodbye party for someone at work. Tomorrow also marks the last day my company will operate. It is being sold Wednesday. Then we begin the 3 month closure process before I get laid off. It will be a sad day to see all of the people I have worked with over the last 7 years leaving...
And so it begins... Happy Monday y'all!


  1. I hope you did find your green zone that quickly! Mine took me 7 months! You are doing awesome!

  2. You are kicking butt so hard, it's so great to see!

    I know tomorrow will be tough for you, so sending good thoughts to get through it.

  3. Congrats on your continued success!

  4. Congrats on the green zone!...And congrats on kicking butt!