Sunday, February 10, 2013

Nice and easy Sunday!

Hello there!

Today was nice and easy. Didn't do too much. Cleaned a little, hung some decor type things and watched some TV. Didn't even leave the house. Kind of nice. Tomorrow starts another work week and it's weigh in day. I am hoping for good results! We shall see.

The kids use my phone to take pictures of the strangest things sometimes. Like this one. I think it's because it looks like a face.
 Did my nails last night.
And this is the decor we hung today (the round things). Bed Bath & Beyond has some of the coolest stuff!
Today's numbers were pretty good.
Calories: 1147.52
Fat: 34.24
Sugar: 39.54
Protein: 66.99
That's all I've got for today.  I hope everyone has a great Sunday evening!


  1. Great numbers for Sunday! I wish mine looked like that, I ate really really bad!!!!! So happy today is Monday and we are back to routine!

    Cute nails! Love the bling!

  2. Did you do the nails yourself? Those are so cool!!

    1. Yes I did and thank you! I use to do nails for a living :)