Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Whos humpin' today?!?!?

2 more work days and this week is complete! Followed by a 3 day weekend! Love it!

I went to the doctor's today and discussed somethings with her and got my 4th fill.

We talked about the hair loss. She assured me it would stop as everyone else as too. She said sometimes it just happens and it is most likely because of rapid weight loss. I didn't think I was loosing that fast but OK.

The doctors scale today was 1 lb heavier than what my scale said this morning (HAHA! Last month it showed .2 lbs less than mine! I knows its close.) but I didn't go to the doctors until 2:45. I am not worrying about that at all! I am going to continue to use my scale since that is the one I have relied on since day 1!

I did ask if it was OK to take ibuprofen because I have read online where several people's doctors have told them that is a big no no. She said I can take it. I don't take it often but I pulled something in my collar bone area last night and holy cow did it hurt! It still hurt this morning too so I took some today, it's the only thing that helps me when I am in pain. Seems better tonight.

After a semi long discussion about how much I am able to eat (I thought she was going to tell me no fill) she agreed that I needed a fill and was able to get .5 cc's injected. So I now have 6.75 cc's in my 10 cc band. I felt it pretty much immediately. I can totally tell I have more restriction. It could be just because it's the first day, but I was able to feel the first to fills right way too. The 3rd fill I had felt non-existent. So I am hoping since I am feeling it again right away this means I am closer (if not there) to my "green zone". I think I really need to start measuring my food more so I have an exact idea of what I am eating. I always eye it and guesstimate. She said she thinks I am eating less then I think. So she said if I am not losing a lb a week then to come back next month. Other than that she will see me in April. That will be my 6th month mark.

After working out tonight I can totally feel some swelling above my band. It's weird, it is hard and I can feel it through my skin. Usually it is only when I over eat that I can feel it. But tonight I can feel it with an empty stomach. (I know it was empty cause it was growling at the time.) The only thing that was in there at the time was water. I think it is just swelling. I am sure it will be fine by morning. I have been on liquids all day today and am on liquids through tomorrow. I will start soft foods Friday. Has anyone else felt this "swelling"?

My fill days always consist of an Iced Chai from Starbucks and Panera Cheese Broccoli soup! I am not worried about calories on my fill days because they are all liquid and they are never much. I am not even really worried about sugar on these days.

So today consisted of a Decaf Skinny Mocha for breakfast, 2 EAS Advantedge Carb control protein shakes (one for lunch and one mid afternoon, a Nonfat Iced Chai, and pureed broccoli cheese soup w/ added Unjury unflavored protein powder. My sugar was higher today but so what. It's because of my 2 trips to Starbucks today :) My numbers are not bad. I'm good with this today.

Calories: 1007.00
Fat:  19.67
Sugar: 86.00
Protein: 95.40

I might throw a no sugar added fudge pop in there later lol.

Today's workout was intense. I had to cancel my swim appointment to get one of the kids and I burned less calories and only used the elliptical. But damn did it kick my ass. I initially decided I was going to do the elliptical on a pre-programmed calorie burn workout that lasted 30 minutes. I was able to finish but had to slow down and take a few breaks. I kept moving but I was really huffing. So once I finished that I decided to add 10 more minutes. So I was on the elliptical for a total of 40 minutes and my legs were so shot I thought I was going to fall down lol. I burned a total of 339 calories. And went almost 4 miles (3.986 to be exact).


Wow! Lots to say today :) And I feel like I am forgetting something.....Hmmmm....Since I can't remember I am going to end there!
Have a great night everyone! If i remember what I was going to add I will come back and edit lol.


  1. Hope your fill gets you in your green zone!

  2. Hope this fill is it! Happy Valentines Day!

  3. Great workout! I'm glad you got good feedback and reassurance from your doctor. :)