Sunday, February 24, 2013

Weekend is almost over...

So sad to see it go (But I did take tomorrow off for fun)! I just love not having to work :) As most do.

So what did I do all weekend!?!? I haven't blogged since Thursday. YIKES!

Friday was a busy day. Parent/Teacher conferences, taking my nephew to his fathers. Got a good running work out in, went swimming.

Saturday, I will admit, I was lazy!! I didn't work out. I went shopping with my daughter and then went for a massage and she got her nails done. We went out to dinner and then went to see "A good day to Die Hard". I have always liked Bruce Willis, and yes I liked this Die Hard movie too. We went to the Movie Tavern and had desert during the movie. It was a yummy brownie sundae! Seems I do not eat well on days I don't work out.

On to Sunday. Today was nice. Despite our "Blizzard" here in Colorado. We haven't gotten a ton, but further north it sounds like they got a foot +. I got up this morning and completed day 2 week 3 of the C25K. It is so hard. But I did it!
Followed by 30 minutes on the elliptical.  

For a total of 537 calories burned today. I felt great today!
I find that I take more pictures of myself now. I have always hated the camera, and even though I still don't love the camera. I am not afraid of it anymore.
I took this picture today. I really like this one!
This weekends numbers?
Friday: Have to control the Starbucks
Calories: 1629.84
Fat: 35.39
Sugar: 177.48 UGH I had a Iced Chai from Starbucks today...
Protein: 86.30
Saturday: Brownie Bottom Sundae YIKES!!
Calories: 1527.08 
Fat: 67.84
Sugar: 108.80
Protein: 45.35
Sunday: Totally better day!
Calories: 1369.92
Fat: 28.17
Sugar: 34.96
Protein: 63.59
Tomorrow my Mom and I are having a spa day. I am looking forward to it and praying there is no drama. My mom and I's relationship has been strained my entire life. And sometimes she is one of those negative people I have to distance myself from. This last year has been especially difficult for our family, but I have to keep trying. I have a habit of trying to repair damaged relationships, and well, shes my mom. So we have 5 1/2 hours at the spa tomorrow. Facials, massages, scrubs, hot tub time, manicures, pedicures & lunch. I will somehow avoid the stress building conversations and enjoy tomorrow. Wish me luck! Tomorrow is weigh in day too! Cross your fingers. I hope its good!
OK SO now I am going to catch up on reading all of your blogs that I have fallen behind on. Thanks again for your continued support and for being a fantastic community I absolutely love being a part of!!


  1. Woo Woo! look at that jawline!!!!! :) I know you will get this... you totally look Flashdance in this one. teehee!!

    1. I so loved that movie!! And the dancing was AWESOME!!!

  2. Love the photo!

    Taking a day off once in a while isn't the same thing as being lazy!

    I'm about 25 miles north of Denver, and we got about 8" of snow. It was kind of a mess yesterday but fine today.

    Good luck with your spa day!

    1. Thank you! When all was said and done we got about 8" too. Side roads are a mess but the highways were pretty good.

  3. I love the new profile picture! And I liked Die Hard also!!