Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Happy Almost Hump Day!

Whew! We have almost made it half way through the week! I am so looking forward to Friday!

Anywho! Today was B O R I N G at work. Things are just super slow right now. Either that or I am super fast!?!? After work today I went swimming and then came home and repeated day 1 of the C25K on my treadmill. I did run Tuesday, Thursday & Saturday and also Sunday and today. I am going to finish out this week still on the first 3 days an then next Tuesday I am going to move to week 2. Kind of warming up still. But I think I am off to a good start! Not sure about the calorie burn because my HRM was not cooperating with me today. I think it was somewhere around 400.

I am still swimming every evening Monday - Friday. And I plan on getting on the elliptical in between run days. I am really feeling like I have more energy. Just not in the morning lol. I am so not a morning person.

My numbers we pretty good today. Actually I think they were real good:
Calories: 989.33
Fat: 32.52
Sugar: 28.94
Protein: 85.19

OK That's all I got. Does anyone have anything to add?

I leave you with a picture if my lazy kitty Storm. Shes a cuddle bug.
Happy Almost Hump Day!


  1. I love hearing your exercise plans. You are super motivated right now! Awesome!

  2. Man, you are kicking so much butt!!! It's super inspiring.

    PS - your kitty is adooooooooorable!

  3. great job exercising! you are kicking butt!

  4. You are an exercise queen!! I repeated several weeks when I started with C25K. It will get easier.

    Love the kitty

  5. Keep up the great job! and cute kitty