Sunday, January 6, 2013


END!! :)

I can now say we are officially past the holidays. The last of the Christmas celebrations happened today. Naturally I cooked it all at home so I could make it a little more diet friendly but not all of it.

Yesterday we celebrated with some close friends and I made some pretty healthy Golumki (Cabbage Rolls) with skim milk mashed potatoes. I used 93/7 Ground beef. Love these things. Grew up with them and they are the best!

Today we celebrated with my Nephew, my Mom and her man. We had Fondue! My favorite dining experience. ( I meant to take pictures but forgot...)

We started with Garlic and Herb Cheddar Cheese Fondue. I used reduced fat sharp cheddar and shared with others.

Next course was Coq Au Vin & Court Bouillon cooking style. We had marinated beef, chicken and shrimp. No oil and made as much sugar free/fat free as I could and I took less then everyone else.

Then there was desert....This is where it kind of falls apart.

I made Bananas Foster and Chocolate Peanut Butter fondue. I used sugar free caramel for the bananas foster but the chocolate was full blown 100% authentic. It was SO good. And yes I over ate a little.

But I am expecting good results tomorrow for my weigh in. We spent a ton of time over the last 3 days cleaning and trying to get our rental property back in order I am still sore. And today was our day of rest. The up and down on the ladder made me hurt in places I haven't felt before. I guess feeling  those muscles tells me I should use them more.

Tomorrow I will be swimming after work as I always do. I have 5 appointments set for this week. I have my 3rd fill scheduled for the 16th. And I will be cleaning and painting the rental this week too. I should been exhausted by next weekend but we should be done! And if I can move next weekend I plan on Zumba! It's fun, but I am so not coordinated. So glad no one is taking video of me dancing badly.

Happy Sunday night!!


  1. How much do you have in your band? I have seen a few going to third fills and I just wonder how much you guys have. I had my first fill and it went to 5 ml in a 10 ml band, and I am not hungry for at least 4 hours sometimes 3 depends on what I eat. You are doing so good :D

    1. Hi There! I have 5.75 cc's in my 10 cc band. I believe cc's and ml's have the same conversion. I seem to have fairly good restrition but I can eat over 1 cup of food which from what I have read is still a bit much. I am getting much closer tho. I am still working on finding that "happy spot" where I can tell I'm comfortably full. I am having a bit of trouble between the satisfied and full level. I'm getting there but it's still hard to tell sometimes. I had a shake yesterday and I was over full. But I had dinner yesterday and I was comfortable.

  2. Good food with family is so nice, my gawd you sounds like a good cook!!

    Also, sounds like you have been running around working hard. I'm thinking you will have a loss tomorrow for sure! :)