Monday, January 28, 2013

Mad Monday Weigh in....

Today's Weight 226.8! Loss of .8 lbs. Not great. But I didn't eat great either. Seems we were out a lot and we ate out a lot because of it. I tried to make good choices. And I've been having Ice Cream in the evenings. No Sugar added but still not good. Gotta get that under control. Still a loss and I'll take it, but I so could have done better.

So here are my totals:
48.0 lbs down since 8/22/12!
33.4 lbs down since surgery on 10/15/12!

That 50 lb mark is really teasing me. I can't give up.

My food totals today are not very good either:

Fat: 32.19
Sugar: 78.37
Protein: 101.7

I guess they aren't horrible but I have got to get that sugar down....

I did swim tonight. I am sore from yesterday. I did a lot of stretching in the pool.

Tomorrow is supposed to be snowy. I might have to see if I can do the C25K on the treadmill. I am so afraid of slipping and hurting my knee. I tore my ACL back in 2003 and had to have surgery to fix it.

Why is it so hard to say no to sugar?!?!? I was doing so well. I don't have to go back to the doctors til March, but I think I might call to get another fill in a couple of weeks.

I'm going to bed earlier too. I haven't been getting the amount of sleep I should be getting either. It's like the domino effect. This too shall pass....

Until tomorrow my friends....Keep it real!


  1. I love and use that saying "this too shall pass" all the time! Ice-cream has become my nemesis with the band. I can't even remember liking it that much pre-band, but now it is easy and empty calories! I need to kick the habit too, but realise that if you don't buy it you can't eat it! Might have to start clicking and collecting my groceries. No temptation!

  2. .8 is almost one pound and any weight loss is GOOD weight loss. Keep it up!

    ALSO I hear you on the sugar....ohhhh it's so my downfall.

  3. hey its a loss and not a on that ice cream!

  4. I hear you about the sugar hon. And .8 is nearly a pound. Woop woop!

  5. Hi! A loss is a loss, always! Congratulations and keep it up I'm sure you'll reach that 50 lbs loss quite soon :)


  6. Yep - like above - a loss is better than a gain - How much water are you getting in. Make sure you work at it now that you are running and moving more. I know it makes a world of difference when i get all mine in!! :)

    1. The last couple of days I havent gotten all my water in. I thought about this when my hands feel tight. I need to drink faster or something.