Friday, January 25, 2013

TGIF!!! 3 NSV's in one day!!

I love Fridays! The fact that the weekend is here and there is 2 days we don't have to work! And today is no different, well maybe a little. I am extra glad today is Friday and I don't have to work tomorrow.

Today was a much better day! Thank you all so much for your support yesterday!

I noticed a lot throughout my day today. My food and numbers were good today:

Calories: 960.25
Fat: 34.6
Sugar: 43.92
Protein: 77.37

I also had 3 NSV's today! Totally unexpected and I wasn't even planning on them! GOOD SURPRISE!!!

Here they are:

1) On a whim while I was getting dressed this morning, I decided to try on a pair of slacks that were a size 16. And guess what!?!?! They fit!  So I think I am going to go to a store and try a size 16 jeans just to see if I can get into them. Lane Bryant is my favorite store. I will try those. I probably wont buy them. I have 2 size 14's in the closet from years ago. We will see. I might buy one pair. YAY!! This is 6 sizes down from where I was in August at size 22.

2) I never take the stairs. The pain in my knees and the fact that I am huffing and puffing by the time I get to the top has me in total avoidance mode. But today I climbed only one flight of stairs into my office building. I wasn't even huffing and puffing when I got to the top. It was like no problem!! I might try taking the stairs all the way up to the third floor where I work. It's nice to be able to breath!

3) We went to Qdoba's for dinner tonight. I had their Craft 2 Chicken Tortilla soup and a naked burrito. I ate about 1/2. No that's not my NSV.... This is my NSV...
I use to have so much trouble with booths. My belly would always hit the table. That silver area is the table, and the brown/gold is my stomach. And that blue in between is my lap!! I can see my lap! And my belly doesn't hit the table! How sweet is that!!??!!

What else happened today??

We got our rental property rented! They brought me the deposit and the first months rent today!

I got out of work today at 2 unexpectedly. I have been trying to find the time to get a pedicure for the last 2 weeks. Well today I did! Feet are funny things. I hear so many people say how ugly feet are but then we try to make them pretty. I don't mind feet. I think mine look pretty good! What do you think?!?!

My dad passed away on Jan 30th 2009. And, I am getting my 4th tattoo. I have anxiously been awaiting the arrival of the drawing. He loved lighthouses. I grew up on the Jersey shore. And we went to the beach all the time. When we would sight see we always went to lighthouses. So in honor of the wonderful dad he was, on his 4th anniversary this Wednesday I will get this... I teared up when I got the artists email today... I'll post pictures next week when it's done and the color is added.
It was a good day. And I look forward to the weekend. Our Christmas stuff is still up. We so need to get that taken down tomorrow :)
Have a great evening!


  1. Love your attitude! You are celebrating all the great little things that go along with this journey...that is so important!!

  2. I'm so glad that you are feeling better. Sometimes it helps to get it out.
    Great NSV's- keep doing an awesome job!

  3. Those are some hella good NSVs! You do realize now that you have to start taking the stairs since it ain't no thang right? :) Keep it up!!!

  4. Love love love the NSVs!! Great idea to take the picture of your lap!
    I also love your new tattoo. Can't wait to see it all done. Nice memorial for your father.

  5. That tat is lovely and such an awesome memorial for your dad.

  6. cute toes! wish I had cute toes! and love the tat...totally heartfelt!